Hi all,

This is my first inaugural post at blogspot.
Recently met a friend from the net, Robb. Sort of a fan of his blog now. Check out his blog.
His blog inspired me to create my own blog. So here I am with my own blog here.

Why pick "Little Gray Dots" ?
Obviouly I wanted to pick dctw.blogspot.com, because dctw is my initials. But the account was taken by someone else.

dctw = Dirty Crappy Topsy Wired news heh.......

So back to the question why "Little Gray Dots"?

On our monitor, the graphics that we see comprises of little tiny dots, called "Pixel". A collection of these pixels forms a graphic. Hence forming something that is viewable. So that would mean "Graphics from a monitor", which implies something that's virtual -> Blog, a virtual diary.

Why choose the color gray?

Well, I started using the PC quite young. I guess around 9 years old. Back then, we don't have graphical OS like Windows XP that we use nowadays. We only used DOS. DOS only has a black screen with a grey characters. So it's kinda tribute to the early OS. And Gray happens to be one of my favorite colors. and I have a band called "GrayAtmosphere".

So, thank you for dropping by. Hopefully I'll blog often.



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