Hohoho.. I’ve got myself a new toy…

It’s a Roland GR20 Guitar Synthesizer… Got it over the weekend during the Roland Fair at KLCC. I installed the GK3 pickup myself on my Ibanez guitar… I ended up placing the divided pickup right before the bridge pickup because there’s not enough space to slot in the divided pickup near the bridge. Thank God I still manage to get a good signal.

Hohohoho… To know what this thing can do… go dig some videos out from Youtube using the “Roland” “GR20” keyword.

Enough said.. the pics

27042009 27042009(001)


Taadaa ….. New addition to Phase4 Studio…

25042009(001) 25042009


Long time no see….. Just some quick update regarding a few stuff.

Some of you might have known that my grandmother went through a surgical operation yesterday. She’s okay and the operation was successful and she’s now in a normal ward in Assunta Hospital. I’m gonna visit her later. Thank you so much for the prayers.

As for the blog, I’ve converted from a 2-column layout to 3-column layout and packed a few more information on the 2 sidebars. Added a Media player featuring my previous productions, and also a spot for my upcoming gigs.

However, I can’t seem to get my old blog banner to appear with this layout… *sigh*….

Job wise, I’ve been having this strong urge to quit my current job but somehow I still hang on to the job… Any advise?? Don’t feel wanna do IT anymore… wanna do more on Music….


I'm in the midst of converting this layout to a 3-column layout...

So please bear with me for the time being.


Just wanna share with a guys a production that I’m involved a few years back.

This is a song by 2tone (2號旋). Got their permission to post this up.
You can visit their blog here... http://rock2tone.pixnet.net/

This song was featured in a local compilation album… Have you guys will like it..


詞/ 向榮
曲/ 溫偉杰 向榮
编/ David "dctw" Chin


太久了吧      等一通电话得一句回答
  挂断了吗      仿佛像演独角戏吧

  未接电话      留言的信箱已装满了吧
  冷淡了吗      还剩下多久的挣扎

  我曾留住信件      留住你寄给我的幸福和时间
  如今再无空缺      该让我撤除删减

  Im sorry              我逼不得已
  别让我后悔         我不想后退      回首着原位

  Im sorry              我知道你不愿意
  别再有要求         自私的念头      就让一切从挂下了以后

  没有挣扎      你总是太习惯被动了吧
  就选择吧      决心更换新的号码

我真的好累    你却无所谓    坚持为了谁    到底这
  是你的误会    还是我不对    你卻不理會    是是非非       就当点缀


For the first time, I went for the BodyBalance class at the Curve yesterday.

It was a nice class.. Stretches a lot…… Gonna add this into my weekly workout routine.


Then after that, went to Phase4 with Choong How to meet up with Hyro for a haircut…

What do you think?

Cam Whoring 1Cam Whoring 2  Back view


Lang Tengah


I miss the beach …


Went to Lang Tengah Islang with a group of friends last week. It was a great trip. The crystal clear waters, swimming with fishes, nice sandy beach and etc… It was really a great place for vacation. I personally think Lang Tengah is better than Redang Island. My other friends thought so too.

Cam whoring while waiting for the transit boat

During the first day, our boat ride to the island was kinda bumpy at first due to huge waves but it was an exciting ride indeed. However, bad news awaits us at the island because most of the activities were cancelled during the first day due to bad weather. So basically we didn’t go out to the sea for any snorkeling trips. So we stayed in and have our own leisure, be it sleeping, playing mahjong, watching Asian Food Channel, eating and etc.

Swee and I on boat ....



On second day, the jungle trekking trip was cancelled also due to heavy rain. So we opted to snorkel at the beach nearby and we manage to see lots of corals and fishes.



Camwhoring on the boat



Weather started to look promising during noon time and we prepared for a round island trip before heading off to the Marine Park for more snorkeling trips. The guide took us round the island before stopping in the middle of the sea so that we can do some snorkeling.


Beach Boy



The fishes are not shy and swim along with us. Saw some shy Nemo, and some other very colorful beach, sea cucumber, funny looking corals and etc.

We brought along some bread and feed them to the fishes. Kinda itchy when they came for the bread though.. Feels like going to a Fish Spa.. Hahaha



Anson, I, Swee


We had lots of fun feeding the fish hehehe.

The whole group of us looked like a bunch of underage kids looking and playing with these colorful fishes.


After that, we went to the Redang Marine Park for more snorkeling trips. There are more fishes here. But not as many coral compared to May last year. There were lots @ Marine Parkof people in the Marine Park snorkeling also. I went deep out into the water hoping to see more but there’s nothing much could be seen though…. Probably the corals migrated further out of the perimeter.


And so we went to the dock area where there are lots of fish hanging around that area. We brought along another packet of bread and fed them to the fish here and it was hell lots of fun watching the fish chewing off bits of the bread. We stayed at the Marine Park for around 1 hour or so and headed back to our resort.


A view from the front of the beat




The feeling of traveling on the boat was nice. The sea breeze and the wind blowing at us makes us feel so nice.


Golden Path



We continued on with more of our OWN entertainment, more swimming and camwhoring when we got back to our resort. Hahaha


Realising the sun is almost set and there were some nice view, I took the opportunity to take this shot. Kinda nice though.


More cam whoring



It was approaching 7pm and we went for dinner and after that, I went off for a shower before excusing myself for the day.


The others were playing mahjong and card games till midnight. Hahaha….



The Resort

Fun time flies very fast and the 3 days trip ended just like that. Hopefully will have more chances to revisit this place and hopefully the beach will be still clean and the nature is still preserved well.


All of us really looked forward to return to this place again next time.



A panorama view of the island from the boat

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