Just received the live recording from Kellyn.
The recording quality not so good and without proper mixing and post production. So please bear with it.....

There you go....


Composed by Kellyn
Written by Ah Thumb
Arranged by Kellyn

Vocals : Kar Wei
Electric Guitar : David Chin (ME)
Piano : Christine
Bass : Choong How
Drums : Kellyn


Composed by Brian
Written by Revo
Arranged by David Chin (ME)

Vocals : Kai Thien
Acoustic Guitars : Choong How & David Chin (ME)
Choruses : Kellyn, Yun Xin & Su Rong


Composed by Kellyn
Written by Grace
Arranged by David Chin (ME)

Vocals : Jin Hua and Seen
Piano : Kellyn
Electric Guitar : David Chin (ME)
Bass : Choong How
Drum : Witter
Percussion : Christine
Cello : Hui Xin
Violas : Yun Xin
Violins : Grace
Oboe & Harp : Kai Thien


Thinking back 6 years ago in the year 2002, I was still a freshie in UKM. Then a senior Louise Teo invited me to join New Tune and played for NTLP VI. And since then I'm attached to New Tune up till now.

In this period of 6 years (NTLP 6 to 11), I've seen lots of stuff in New Tune, met lots of people in New Tune, learnt a lot from New Tune and so on and so forth. So far I'm the longest performer in NTLP to date having playing for 6 NTLPs.

Just don't know why this year's NTLP doesn't give me any feel or satisfaction after the gig finished. Maybe is the numbness after been playing for the event for 6 years, or maybe there's nothing new anymore. Well, I think this is the last NTLP for me.

Still, this year I did a few new stuff, including an orchestral arrangement for a pop song featuring 6 keyboards with 3 handling the strings section, 2 handling the Oboe and Harp and 1 handling the piano parts. I also played a Blues improvisation on my Fender Strat for one of the ala Lounge Jazz arrangement. I also arranged an acoustical song with Choong How and I doing an acoustic duo featuring my old Ibanez acoustic which has been missing in action for 5 years.

However, for this year's NTLP was a bit boring to me because lack of Rock songs. A disappointment indeed because the songwriters are still not matured enough. Anyhow, it's over now.

I'd like to acknowledge and thank the following people for playing for my arrangement:

Musicians for SOMEONE:
Witter on Drums
Choong How on Bass
Me on Electric Guitar
Christine on Percussion
Kellyn on Piano
Hui Xin on "Cello"
Yun Xin on "Violas"
Grace on "Violin"
Kai Thien on "Oboe" and "Harp" and the 'act'
Jin Hua and Seen on Vocals.

Musicians for <幸福午后> :
Choong How and I on Acoustic Guitars
Kellyn, Yun Xin and Su Rong on Choruses
Kai Thien on Vocals.

I also would like to thank the following musicians that I've worked with on 《不哭》。
Kellyn on Drums
Christine on Piano
Choong How on Bass
Me on Electric Guitar
Kar Wei on Vocals
and Andrew on the ideas.

I also would like to thank the person who borrowed me his/her Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse and those who fetched me to practice all the way from Sentul Timur when Choong How was still in Jakarta.

Thank you to Ah Foo, Chris and Xiang Xi from UM who came to support us.

And lastly, those that I've offended, I'd like to apologise. The reason I being very demanding is because I can only practice during Sundays. So I want everyone and everything to be ready for practice. So I have to be demanding in order to have things in order. (Although, some didn't adhere to it). Still, I appreciate your effort and patience.

Enough said... the pics...
Before the show :

Thanks for Er Fen for taking this pic.

Left to Right : Choong How, Hong Lip and Me
(Picture courtesy of Hong Lip)


Left to Right : Choong How, Kar Wei, Kellyn, Me
(Picture courtesy of Chris)


Left to Right : Kai Thien, Choong How Me
(Picture courtesy of Chris)


Me on Ibanez RG
(Picture courtesy of Chris)

After Show :

Left to Right : Choong How, Chris (UM), Me
(Picture courtesy of Chris)

NTLP XI Performers
(Picture courtesy of Hong Lip)


Tony Roma

What on earth is Tony Roma ????

Who the heck is Tony Roma ????

Tony Roma is actually the name of the restaurant that Andrew and I went to last Monday night. Andrew is the one suggested to go there for dinner. I trusted his taste so we went there. We ordered a few stuff, for example the Soup of the day, their famous Ribs, Onion Cake, dessert (ahh.... heaven)....

The cream of the crop is their Ribs. I was shocked when the ribs arrived on our dining table. I was so shocked at the size of the ribs. Later. the tenderness and the juiciness of the ribs surprised me further. Although it's quite pricey (RM48++), but it's a well worth dish.

The Onion is also worth mentioning. It's actually fried onion strips in tempura style, and then rearranged to look like Beijing Olympic's Bird's Nest. It's a nice dish also.

After the meal, I ordered a dessert... (forgot the name).. Looks at the pic lar... It consists of a piece of Brownies, coupled with Vanilla ice cream, with a twist of Oreo spinkled on top. Ahhh.....

Both of us spent around RM160+ for the dinner. Although expensive, but it's well worth it. The drink is bottomless .... (for soft drinks lar of course).. Too bad Andrew is having soar throat that time, cannot take cold drinks.

Speaking of Andrew, he departed to Australia 2 days ago to further his PHD studies. I wish him all the best.

Enough said... the pics ....

..... Onion Cake .....

..... Tony Roma Ribs .....

..... Dessert .....

Not part of the menu, but is ....

..... ANDREW .....

..... ME .....


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