Time flies ..... and finally we've come to the end of 2008.
Tonnes of things has happened around us, good and bad whether we like it or not. God has been faithful and we're still alive and still able to observe the end of 2008.

We do not know what will happen in 2009, only God knows and He is in control. I pray that 2009 will be an exciting year.

For me personally this is a year of ups and downs. There are moments that are exciting, some are saddening, some are fun, some are serious, some are stupid and etc. No matter what it is, it will be a part of the learning process as we mature.

Early this year, I've posted this post. Let's review it, shall we?

  • I want to love God more. FAILED
  • I want to get into a relationship. FAILED
  • I want to get 6 pack abs in 2008. FAILED
  • Hehehehe I want to play in more gigs.... SUCCESS
  • I want to get few guitars. SUCCESS
  • I want to buy a house FAILED
  • I want to buy a car FAILED
  • I want to improve my music skills... FAILED

As you can see, most of it failed. *sigh* Probably some of it are too far fetched, perhaps should adjust it a bit.

However, here are some of the highlights that I manage to accomplish in 2008 :-

  • Junk line-up completed
  • DIY a jamming studio.
  • Played in a few more gigs. (NTLP, Jrock Kingdom 4, Meet the Band, Groove In Motion, Mybloggercon, Intervarsity Song Writing Competition)
  • Recorded a few tracks in a proper studio as a vocalist and guitarist.
  • Appeared on TV.
  • Bought a Musicman Axis, Damange Control pedals.
  • Visited Redang
  • Visited a Fish Spa
  • Organised Jrock Kingdom IV.

Let's hope 2009 will be an exciting year.


Wishes everyone a Blessed Merry Christmas.

I'll be spending my Christmas time back in my beloved hometown. Will be travelling tonight.

Have fun !!

Keep yourself out of accidents okay....


Hybrid failed in the Spirit of Music audition.
I can only blame our unpreparedness to be the main cause.

We've only jammed 3 times :

1st Time :- (A week before audition)
Vocal was sick
Still looking for keyboardist
Drummer first time jamming with us

2nd Time :- (Day before audition)
Guitar not available
Keyboardist first time playing with us

3rd Time :- (Audition Day)
First time full band
Practised for 20 mins.

However, I'm pretty impressed that we manage to pull off quite decently L'arc'en'ciel's "Nexus 4" and GLAY's "Winter Again" with that amount of practice.

I can't help to laugh on the comment sheet that we received.

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 12:33:01 +0800
From: spiritsofmusic@gmail.com
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Comment Sheet of The Audition

We are sorry to inform you that ??? was not selected to perform for Spirits of Music 2009. Below is the comment sheet of the audition.

Don't give up! We hope to see you in our future event :)







David Chin


Steady, good touch! Nice tone


Kian Meng


Not so skillful


Sim Choong How


Tone very good, consistent


Gary Chua


''feel' very good, not so powerful


Siong Xi


Volume control a bit messy




Consistent! Steady!

Style of Music




Technical Ability (40%):

- All members are technically competent and secure with their parts.

-overall good performance. A bit messy. Not tight. Need more practice

Band Ensemble (40%):

- Satisfactory ensemble work.

- Communication, chemistry and energy is lacking

-Sometimes, band members are detached from each other

-Guitarists not fully locking with drummer and bassist

-All musicians are steady! Quite skillful! Good sound balance.

Stage Presentation (20%):

-very stiff!!

-only the rhythm guitarist (Kian mg) is displaying any physical interest in the music.

-Vocalist must extend more flair, passion and confidence.

- No presentation! No coordination!


Anyhow, I'll take this as a challenge. Thank you to those who encouraged us by coming to see us practise. We'll do better next time.

P/S : RM50 to play just 2 songs at a CRAPPY studio is DAMN HELL EXPENSIVE based on the fact that this is NOT a competition and "winners" is not guaranteed on receiving any prize out of this event.

!!! UPDATE !!!
Pics from Audition


After 4 weeks of DIY renovation, finally we manage to complete our own jamming room.

Thanks to those who helped us out :
Akira, Brett, Choong How, Gary, Kenneth

And special thanks to EJun for helping us out with the transportation although he's not a share holder of the project. Thank you so much. I owe you a meal. And Terry for the advise on PA.

And also those who left halfway but has inspired us go on with the project ... Phuah & Raymond.

Personally, I learned lots of stuff from this small project. Will share it next time.

Come come come ... take a look at the pics...

Square panels ....



Choong How, I and the floating background ...

Brett on the throne

Marshall is the name .... and my name too

Studio Location :-

Click to Enlarge


Tonight !!

Tonight, Hybrid will mark their first jamming in our own studio after spending 4 weeks of DIY renovation.

Looking forward ... Will take lots of pictures tonight.... Hahahaha



I hereby declare I'm officially 26.

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