Hahaha.. I found this amusing.
Pity the Customer Service Agent.

Click here to listen

I think this lady here has some serious psychological issue.


Here are the pics I mentioned.

Doctor cleaning up the wounds.

Another view of the wound.


Bumped into my manager earlier and had a short talk about my recent knee injury. She reminded me that I really have to pray hard for my legs because last year I had a toe tragedy. You can check out the older post here.

Wow... it's more than a year already.
Anyhow, I injured my knee last Saturday at Malacca when carrying someone on my back and I suddenly lost my balance and knelt down with the weight of a full grown man on my back.

Luckily I have some Pharmacy student and a few friends helping me to clean up my wounds. A big thank you to Christina Kam @ Shanen Yap for the first aid.

For now, I'll have to go back to clinic everyday to do dressing.

Check out tomorrow's update for the wound pic hehehe.


A Pic

A pic from a recent gig in MMU Cyberjaya.


Finally, Junk managed to play their first proper gig in Music Attitude "Meet The Band" gig at Goldhill Hummingbird Club @ Kepong on August 17th 2008. So far I've heard some quite good reviews about our performance. We're very happy as well as this is first gig for Junk.

What makes me happiest is that the folks on the snooker table and TV stopped their activity and came to see our performance. So I consider this is a good achievement. Also another achievement is that we made a few people slept (kakaka). Dunno whether is the music too boring or too nice and comfortable hahaha..... However, I still make mistakes here and there but the band sounded tight and balanced overall.

Enough said, the pics and videos....................

Videos :


I still remember Hybrid first performed on stage back in November 4th, 2006. After that, the band was unofficially disbanded due to different commitment. Playing in the recent "Meet the Band" gig at Kepong Goldhill Club on August 10th brings back memories when we were practising for our first performance back in 2006. That time was Chris and me on guitars, Choong How on bass, Phuah on drums, Sam on vocals and Andrew on the synths.

We were discussing the minor details of the song, and etc. It's so good to get this feeling back. I wouldn't say we did really well in the recent gig, but it's good enough for another "first time" with the new lineups. Too bad Choong How couldn't join us for the gig and thank you Chris (different from the above Chris) for standing in for Choong How. Please visit his blog here. We'll definitely do better next time. You can view his post entry on the gig here

Chris and I before going on stage. (Pics courtesy of Chris)

Phuah always complain that I always give him hard songs to play hahahaha...
My reply : That's the way, I like it.. aha aha.

So.. enough said.. Here's the video... (I'm still waiting for pics though)

1. Heavy Gauge by GLAY

2. 誘惑 (Yuuwaku) by GLAY

3. 彼女のModern (Kanojo No Modern) by GLAY

4. 粉雪 (Konayuki) by レミオロメン (Remioromen)

5. 真っ赤な糸 (Makka na Ito) by Plastic Tree



Hybrid just finished a gig on Sunday. Still pending for the pics though. I haven't finish editing the video yet. Will post up once it's done.

I wouldn't say we did perfectly as most of us made mistakes here and there, but considered good for first time. All of us are very nervous and tired because of the waiting. Still, we still have spaces for improvements. We'll definitely do better next time.

Coming up is Junk's turn this Sunday playing instrumental stuff. Hopefully I won't screw up my parts hahaha.


Don't know why.. I just like this pic although it's blur.

What do you think?


Almost a week plus since I've last posted a blog entry here.
Quite busy lately with 2 gigs coming up, practising, training and etc. But I kinda like it though, at least I didn't waste my time doing nothing.

During the weekends, went to Klang with some friends for Bak Kut Teh, Klang Cendol and some sight seeing, followed by a movie at KLCC (I watched 5 movies in 2 weeks). Then Sunday was a fun day, Melvin and I went to Fusion Haven twice in a day and then went for Junk's band practice for 3 hours. It's tiring but it's fun.

Hybrid will be playing in a gig this coming Sunday afternoon at Kepong GoldHill club. Do come support us. See you there......

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