On Saturday, HYBRID jammed for the first time with the new lineups. We managed to play GLAY's 誘惑, 彼女のModern, You May Dream and Luna Sea's I For You and one of our original - Secret Garden.

It was fun jamming. I bet Akira is the happiest among all of us.. Hehehe.. Prior to jamming, I was sms'ing reminder and countdown messages around. Hahaha... I was unable to sleep well the day before jamming because was anticipating the jam after almost half a year of planning. Finally, we played and I'd say it's very good for a first time jam. Perhaps Akira can testify that. Hehehe...

And on Sunday, JUNK resumed jamming after Choong How came back from Jakarta. We manage to cover most of our jamming list. We also had 2 guests, Kenneth and Gary. Kenneth is another drummer who happens to be in the Jrock Kingdom forum AND a colleague of Brett, Gary is a friend of mine and vocalist for Hybrid. I asked him to help us to videotape our jamming session.

One point that I noticed since Junk started jamming, that is the band members was smiling while jamming. To me, it's a good sign that the band will stick longer because everyone is happy. Kenneth and Gary noticed it too. It's hard to find this kinda feeling in a band but someone I manage to find this feeling in Junk and Hybrid. I also would like to appreciate Xiang Xi's effort to purposely come to KL from hometown just to practice with us and then travel back hometown. I also appreciate Brett for always helping us to book the studio and fetching Xiang Xi to jamming. Also want to thank Choong How for fetching me to jamming also. (Partly because he's my housemate hehe). Thank you Junk for giving me the satisfaction of jamming with you guys although we're not a pro band but we improved a lot.

We jammed :-

Chobits - They Come And Go
T-Square - Omens Of Love
Time Lapse Consortium - Come Back Boomerang
Time Lapse Consortium - Patrollin'
T-Square - Sunnyside Cruise
Casiopea - Asayake
Fourplay - 101 Eastbound

Looking forward to our next jamming.

So here's a part of our jamming session. A cover of T-Square's Sunnyside Cruise. Not so complete yet but improving. Hope you'll like it.

Oh yar.. btw.... Junk and Hybrid will be taking part in a gig in August. Stay tuned for more information.


Yesterday was 5 trolleys
Today is 8....

There goes the extra few calories running in my tummy.
Maybe I should refrain from visiting sundry shops heh... *sigh*



Just came back RPM cycling class. This is my first time joining the class and I was sweating like crazy in the class. Hard at first then started to learn up. Will do better next time.

Quote from www.lesmills.com

RPM™ is a 50-minute indoor cycling class based on outdoor riding. You ride to inspirational music over the equivalent of 20-25 kilometres of varied terrain, controlling the intensity of your workout with a resistance dial and pedal speed.

RPM Benefits

- Increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn fat and tone and shape your legs, hips, and butt

- Increase leg strength and muscular endurance without building bulk

- Burn up to 600 calories in a normal 50-minute structure (RPM™ has been proven to burn up to 800 calories in one hour)

- Release endorphins to give you that natural high and leave you feeling fantastic


Guess I will join RPM class as well then. Want to get rid of the tummy.

In every package of Mamee, there's a small piece of card enclosed.
You're supposed to assemble it to become like a trolley-like thing with the Mamee head waving at you when the thing moves.

At first I ignored it at first, but what the heck... So I just go on to give it a try. Kinda troublesome at first because my finger is too big for a small stuff like these.

So there goes another 3 packets of Mamee in my tummy.


Mamee Mania

For no apparent reason, I seem to like this snack very much.
Got addicted to this snack again recently.......

So much for my workout ... *sigh* ..



After a few weeks of weight training, I've decided to go back for BodyPump where I used to join. As usual, the instructor was Swee, my favorite BodyPump instructor. I was a bit shocked when she mentioned that the class will her last BodyPump class in Maxis.

For the past few months, I've been joining BodyPump class with Swee as the instructor. She kept me motivated although sometimes I cannot tahan already. I used to carry lighter weights but she encouraged me to take heavier weights and so I did, just a lil more heavier. Hahaha.... My body tone was improved compared to last time. Again, it's sad that she's not teaching BodyPump class in Maxis anymore.

I'll see if I can readjust my schedule so that I can join her class either on Monday or Friday.....

Received this email from a dear friend this morning. Although it's kinda late but still worth a read.

Please note that the LDP highway speed limit will be monitored by the CCTV.
The speed limit is 90 kmh and if you go above that at 91 kmh, the camera will auto record and pass to police. The few identified areas where the CCTV is monitoring are as follows:

1) on the overhead pedestrian bridge in front of Kelana Jaya LRTstation, monitoring the straight stretch

2) Somewhere near Western Digital (CCTV might be on Western Digital), monitoring the straight stretch in front of the
Kelana Jaya Seafood

3) On IKEA, Monitoring straight stretch in front of IKEA and 1 Utama

4) On the double overhead bridge, monitoring the stretch between the Puchong toll and the Federal Highway turnoff.

5) In the tunnel near SS2 (please note that the speed limit is 60kmh, not 90 kmh)







My six-year-old granddaughter, Caitlynd, and I stopped at a Tim Horton's donut shop for a blueberry muffin. As we were going out the door, a young teenage boy was coming in.

This young man had no hair on the sides of his head and tuft of blue spiked hair on top of it. One of his nostrils was pierced, and attached to the hoop that ran through the hole, was a chain that draped across his face and attached to a ring he was wearing in his ear. He held a skateboard under one arm and a basketball under the other.

Caitlynd, who was walking ahead of me, stopped in her tracks when she saw the teen. I thought he'd scared the dickens out of her and she'd frozen on the spot.

I was wrong.

My GrandAngel backed up against the door and opened it as wide as it would go. Now I was face to face with the young man. I stepped aside and let him pass. His gracious response was a kind, "Thank you very much".

On our way to the car, I commended Caitlynd for her manners in holding open the door for the young man. She didn't seem to be troubled by his appearance but I wanted to make sure. If a grandmotherly talk about freedom of self expression and allowing people their differences was in order, I wanted to be ready.

As it turned out, the person who needed the talk was me.

The only thing Caitlynd noticed about the teen, was the fact that his arms were full. "He woulda' had a hard time to open the door."

I saw the partially shaved head, the tuft of spiked hair, the piercings and the chain. She saw a person carrying something under each arm and heading toward a door.

In the future, I hope to get down on her level and raise my sights.

© Terri McPherson tmcphers@mnsi.net Windsor, Ontario, Canada




Fish Spa

经过这间好有趣的店,叫Kenko Fish Spa。


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