Just went to a salon to color my hair and get a haircut since they are having promotion… This is the first time I’m taking self pics from right angle.

How was it???



Erm… this is actually a post on my trip to Penang LAST MONTH… Hehehe…

My friend and I were actually on a food trip to Penang. Will go again next time if my schedule permits. We went around hunting for food along with the local there.

List of food that we had are : - (not limit to ;-) )

- Yam Rice with salted vege soup. I like it very much.

20090920 20090920(001) 20090920(002)

- Blackman Rojak. The sauce was superb.


- Oyster omelets.


- Seafood… Loads of them …

 20090921(003) 20090921(004) 20090921(005) 20090921(006)


Sidenote : I’m not at all part of the seafood. I’m just camwhoring while waiting for the food. Duh.


Apart from that, we also visited a few places in Bukit Mertajam and Penang Island. Particularly, St Anne’s Cathedral and za Hard Rock Hotel.

20090920(004) 20090920(006) 20090920(007) 20090920(010) 20090920(013) 20090920(014) 20090920(015) 

If you guys wanna go Penang, let me know… I wanna join .. ;-)


Camwhoring at office ...

Tomorrow will be my 4th week with this new company. I joined this company as a Senior Executive for their IT department handling mainly servers. The staff here are very very friendly and more like a family. My manager is a very humble and nice guy. My colleagues are very helpful and entertaining.

A few days after I joined, they had a potluck session to celebrate DeepaRaya. Lots of food I tell ya…

Food More food

If I’m not mistaken, I had 3 or 4 rounds of food… All Indian and Malay food… which are very nice .. minus the fatty part… All courtesy of the staff here.

Also, we had a fire drill last week… Nothing much noteworthy but managed to get closer with other colleagues. They are really interesting people. Thank God for putting me here.

Camwhore during fire drill ...

So if you happen to drop by Damansara Heights for lunch, gimme a call… ;-)



Stumbled across this interesting sight when my band went to this particular mamak shop after band practice. It was unnoticeable at first but it caught my attention when we were making payment at the counter.

What amazes me is the top half was okay and the bottom half was where it went wrong.


Maybe they really sell Nasi Tomoto. From Japan perhaps…


It has been a while since my last update ….

Just to let you guys know that I’m still pretty much alive.


Just some short updates on what had happened :-

1. I’ve already started working in a new company.
2. I’m intensifying my gym workout
3. I’m saving up money to buy recording / studio equipments

Will try to update more often …

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