Wanna track down the result of Body Composition Analysis done yesterday at Fitness First Axis. It's FOC... Plan to do this in a weekly basis since it's free hehehe...

Here's the result :-

Body Type : Standard
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 188cm
Weight : 81.5kg
BMI : 23.1
BMR : 7602 kJ (1817 kcal)
Impedance : 484 ohm
Fat% : 21.5%
Fat Mass : 17.5kg
FFM : 64.0kg
TBW : 46.9kg

Desirable Range :
Fat% : 14-20%
Fat Mass : 10.4 - 16.0kg

Target BF% is 20%
Predicted Weight : 80.0kg
Predicted Fat Mass : 16.0kg

FAT TO LOSE : 1.5kg

I'm FAT!!!!!!! Gonna go for more cardio


  1. all3 said...
    Haha...so very detail...all the best..and do not give up..one day you will be totally fit...and you have the height...
    Janvier said...
    You DO NOT LOOK AT THE LEAST FAT!!!!! But feel free to start joining BodyJam and BodyCombat!

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