I like PINK

PINK, a color that often perceived as a feminine color. (p/s : I'm not feminine k.)
I sometimes where pink-colored clothings also.

However, the PINK that I'd like to mention is not about color, it's a SHE.

I first heard about her when the previous JUNK lineups wanna play some of her songs.
Sometime last year, one of BodyPump releases uses one of her songs for the Chest track and I fell in love with it straight away.

Wanna share with you guys this song called "I'm Not Dead" taken from her I'M NOT DEAD tour DVD. Enjoy.


  1. Pike-chan said...
    I love pink too... and i have a few tshirt and long sleeve shirts in my wardrobe, kekeke
    all3 said...
    Yeah..she's great...damn sexy too...

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