See the previous result here.

Here's the result :-

Body Type : Standard
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 189cm
Weight : 81.5kg
BMI : 23.1
BMR : 7602 kJ (1817 kcal)
Impedance : 484 ohm
Fat% : 21.5%
Fat Mass : 17.5kg
FFM : 64.0kg
TBW : 46.9kg



  1. TZ said...
    errrrr.... there is no change compare with the last result... the only change is you are 1cm taller compare to last result... hehehe :p
    gray-dots said...
    Whoops.. I just realised that I just copy paste from the previous post and forgot to modify the result.. and I threw away the slip ... DUH...
    Cheryl said...
    You're one tall guy!

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