Yesterday night as I drive pass Kerinchi Link after my gym workout at Menara Axis, I lost control of the bike due to slippery road and fell off the bike. Luckily I drove around 60 km/h otherwise the injuries will be more severe than this. I thank God that no car was around, otherwise I might be knocked down by any passing car.

Thank you Choong How for fetching me to clinic for dressing.

Now, I need to fix my bike, watch and myself. Lots of money will be involved


Here are some pics taken when I was waiting for Choong How (Might not suitable for some viewers)


Left Knee Cap Right Elbow Left Knee Cap Right Knee Cap Left Elbow


Previously, I mentioned that my band Hybrid will be performing in the Groove In Motion 2 gig this coming March 1st. Come support us and the other bands as well.


We’ll be playing these (If there’s no accident) :-

DEEN - 夢であるように


Janne Da Arc – 愛の調べ


GLAY – Winter Again


Larc’en’Ciel – Nexus 4



If you know how to sing these songs, do join us…..


Random Pics

I was going through some of the pictures stored on my PC and stumbled across some pics that I really liked. Some are taken by DLSR, some are taken by digicam, even some taken by phone cameras. Nevertheless, all these pics share the same significance and sentimental value.


1_426849984l 1_645724639l


Here's the result :-
Body Type : Standard
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 189cm
Weight : 80.4kg
BMI : 22.5
BMR : 7585 kJ (1813 kcal)
Impedance : 491 ohm
Fat% : 20.7%
Fat Mass : 16.6kg
FFM : 63.8kg
TBW : 46.7kg

Woohoo…… it’s going down!!!! Yay!


Hybrid will be playing in the upcoming Groove In Motion II gig. Details as follows :-

Date : 2009, March 1st
Time : 4:00pm onwards
Venue : 歌丽城Lounge, Jalan 21/19, PJ SEA Park

Please contact Terry @ 016-208 5678 for tickets.

Come support us and see us perform. We'll be playing some Jap stuff from DEEN, Janne Da'Arc, GLAY, L'arc'en'Ciel and others.... Come support us and support other band also.

How to go???


I like PINK

PINK, a color that often perceived as a feminine color. (p/s : I'm not feminine k.)
I sometimes where pink-colored clothings also.

However, the PINK that I'd like to mention is not about color, it's a SHE.

I first heard about her when the previous JUNK lineups wanna play some of her songs.
Sometime last year, one of BodyPump releases uses one of her songs for the Chest track and I fell in love with it straight away.

Wanna share with you guys this song called "I'm Not Dead" taken from her I'M NOT DEAD tour DVD. Enjoy.



Was tagged by Jeffrey Wong via Facebook. But I feel to share about it here as well.

Here are the rules :
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you!

1. I don't talk much
2. I sleep with my underwear only
3. I own 7 guitars
4. I'm a of a mixed Chinese and Thai parentage.
5. I'm chinese educated. I can read and write in Chinese.
6. I play drums, piano, basses too
7. I sing decently
8. People say I'm cool.
9. I can keep silent for one whole day.
10. I can listen to the one same song repeatedly for one whole week.
11. I play for 2 bands mainly, JUNK and HYBRID.
12. My room is very messy. But somehow I know where my stuff is and I can sleep easily.
13. I, along with few other band members own a band jamming studio.
14. I hate people being late without reason and notification.
15. I plan my financial budget every month.
16. I like puzzle games. Minesweeper is my favorite.
17. I'm running out of ideas completing this tag from this point onwards. Peeking at what other people wrote on their tag.
18. I like to go around eating.
19. I want to go to Japan
20. I've traveled to Turkey alone.
21. I don't have much close friends.
22. The most expensive thing that I've bought is a 7k Musicman Axis guitar.
23. I love my family.
24. I don't own a car, I drive a bike.
25. I'm starting to hate IT job.

I've no idea who to tag. 25 people is too much for me.



See the previous result here.

Here's the result :-

Body Type : Standard
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 189cm
Weight : 81.5kg
BMI : 23.1
BMR : 7602 kJ (1817 kcal)
Impedance : 484 ohm
Fat% : 21.5%
Fat Mass : 17.5kg
FFM : 64.0kg
TBW : 46.9kg



Just some random pictures :-)

Leng-zais and Leng-luis


9-play and 1 looking from the background

A Hong Kong chap named Yip Sai Wong who played drums for the band "Beyond". He borrowed my guitar for his show.


Yes, I play drums too

Another drum shot.


Wanna track down the result of Body Composition Analysis done yesterday at Fitness First Axis. It's FOC... Plan to do this in a weekly basis since it's free hehehe...

Here's the result :-

Body Type : Standard
Gender : Male
Age : 26
Height : 188cm
Weight : 81.5kg
BMI : 23.1
BMR : 7602 kJ (1817 kcal)
Impedance : 484 ohm
Fat% : 21.5%
Fat Mass : 17.5kg
FFM : 64.0kg
TBW : 46.9kg

Desirable Range :
Fat% : 14-20%
Fat Mass : 10.4 - 16.0kg

Target BF% is 20%
Predicted Weight : 80.0kg
Predicted Fat Mass : 16.0kg

FAT TO LOSE : 1.5kg

I'm FAT!!!!!!! Gonna go for more cardio



In view of the coming trip to Redang this April, I want to workout more to bring out as much abs as possible hehehehe....

Wish me all the best ....


Went to the Curve for BodyPump class today after the long CNY break.

Warmup - 5kg per side
Squat - 11kg per side
Chest - 7kg per side (Pink track .. Yay!!!)
Back - 7kg per side (Lost my form towards the end of track)
Triceps - 5kg per side
Biceps - 3.5kg per side (Crazy track)
Lunges - weightless (My right leg cramped, luckily manage to stretch the muscles back in time)
Shoulder - 2.5kg per side
Abs - Weightless

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