Annual Injuries

Don’t know whether this is an annual thingy or not, hopefully it’s not. For every year without fail since 2007, something involving injuries will happen to me. Let’s do some recap, shall we?

2007 – Toe Tragedy
2008 – Knee Tragedy
2009 – Mishaps

This year, my bike skidded when I was on my way home from office on April 9th, 2010. It was a damn rainy day at 4:00pm when I finish work. While driving along the Mahameru Highway, the car in front of me braked suddenly and I brake too. My front wheel went spinning out of control and I fell off from the bike.

Thank God that the injury was not as bad as the 2009 mishaps.

IMG_033112th day view of the scar.


  1. Janvier said...
    Time to swap to a car!
    gray-dots said...
    Errr.. don't want..
    Who knows I might crash the car for the 2011 Annual Injuries
    savante said...
    Ouch! Now that looks painful. Seriously get a car!
    TZ said...
    Hope you get well soon... No wonder i don't see you in Swee Bodypump class @ the curve.
    gray-dots said...
    Thanks TZ.

    I just went for Swee's Pump yesterday.
    Seven said...
    wow, anually injuries a ... no good la

    Last time i was like also 2007 a light one and 2008 a serious one ...

    luckily 2009 dun have ...

    Hopefully 2010 wont happen also.

    Being motorcyclist on the raining days need to be more extra careful.

    Let's Ride carefully and 打起12分精 神 together 。

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