Knee Tragedy

Bumped into my manager earlier and had a short talk about my recent knee injury. She reminded me that I really have to pray hard for my legs because last year I had a toe tragedy. You can check out the older post here.

Wow... it's more than a year already.
Anyhow, I injured my knee last Saturday at Malacca when carrying someone on my back and I suddenly lost my balance and knelt down with the weight of a full grown man on my back.

Luckily I have some Pharmacy student and a few friends helping me to clean up my wounds. A big thank you to Christina Kam @ Shanen Yap for the first aid.

For now, I'll have to go back to clinic everyday to do dressing.

Check out tomorrow's update for the wound pic hehehe.


  1. Gary Chia said...
    wah someone has the same fate as me, toe+knee injury.
    but mine is a ligament tear hehe.
    take care of the wound and try not to move around so much.
    Christina Kam said...
    My very first patient before i start work..haha.:P hows the wound ar?? izzit getting better...?? hopefully my wound dressing technique didnt make it worse if no i tak tau mana mau letak muka aku..paisei....:P
    TZ said...
    Dude... take care ... we'll work out together in the gym once u recover from your knee injury eh!
    dctw said...
    Gary : Thanks. Trying not to move too much. I'm recovering..
    dctw said...
    Christina : Doctor says still have dirt in the wound when he clean up the wound. Kekeke. Anyhow, you did fine. THank you so much.
    dctw said...
    tz : SUre... looking forward to that hehe.I'm definitely gonna miss gym these few days.

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