Here’s a wedding march song that Melissa and I have worked on the past few weeks.

It’s a song specially produced for Jacob and Yap’s wedding

Hope you guys will like it.

This Is The Day (Wedding March)

Written and composed by Melissa Teoh
Arranged by David Chin
Performed by Melissa Teoh, David Chin
Recorded at Phase4 Studio


When the music starts When I walk down the aisle
I am trying hard to keep my rhythm as I walk

And here I am waiting, looking at my bride
It’s the moment where our dreams met, and lives are joined as one

This is the day, that the Lord has made for us
It’s the day that we proclaim His love and faithfulness

This is the day, that the Lord has made for us
It’s the love He gave for you and me
To cherish till the end

This is the day

Never will I leave you
Never will I forsake

It’s the greatest love we see
That’s on the Calvary

This is the day, that the Lord has made for us
There is no one else like Him, who gave His life for us
This is the day, that the Lord has made for us
Yes we love because He first loved us



I feel very very sorry for not updating this blog often as December is a really busy month for me as always.

Wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.


Happy anniversary …


Ever thought of a lucky draw will actually causing you pain???

That’s what I experienced yesterday in FF Axis. Frankly, I totally have forgotten about this special RPM Challenge class. Luckily (or rather unfortunately) I went there earlier and was shocked to find my regular bike was already occupied.

I was given the “honor” by Margie to draw the song for Track 7. I have no idea what the tracks are because all of them are just identified by their release numbers. And so all the tracks have been chosen and we’re “lucky” enough to get all the long and crazy tracks. DUH.

The class yesterday was insanely long. We started around 7.25 and ended around 8.30. The floors are soaked with a gigantic pool of sweat. AND WHY ON EARTH the time passes so slow during the class??? I lost count of the tracks and literally thought it was the end during track 6. WTH!!

Each rider were given a limited key chain (which I didn’t get due to limited stock) and a can of 100 Plus Activ, also a good calories burn.

I had dinner with Eric, Margie and Teng afterwards at Strawberry Café nearby after the class. Very funny lar with all these lovely jokers around.


Astro Boy


Got a free preview screening ticket from a friend to watch Astro Boy at GSC @ 1 Utama yesterday.

It’s a 3D animation adaption from the famous japanese manga of the same title. Those who were born in the 1980s would know about this manga. The adaptation is surprisingly good. Far better than what the others did for Dragon Ball which is a total crap.

This animation features some voiceovers from big names such as Nicholas Cage, Eugene Levy, Samuel L Jackson and etc.

Go watch it if you like animations.



Went to the Station1 at Sri Rampai last Saturday to meet up with a friend there. My friend and I sat down at the table near their cashier and bar area. No one came to take our order after 15 mins. Then I raised my hand to signal for a waiter and it seems like all the waiters there are too busy serving others and just plainly ignoring us. There was one standing at the cashier doing nothing.

After some “shouting”, finally guy at the cashier counter came and took our order. I blasted him of course for the really bad service before we made our order. After 20 minutes, our drinks still haven’t arrived. So I signaled again and another waiter came and I asked for the status. It seems like our orders weren’t taken. So we have to reorder again. DUH…

And then after 5 mins, the waiter came back and ask whether I’m ordering a cold or hot Honey Milk.. DUH …

Then I ordered a warm sky-juice. I did specifically mentioned WARM sky-juice, but they delivered ICED sky-juice instead. DUH …

There were a few guys who came and left because there is no one to attend to them to take orders after a long period of time... DUH

We were shocked when we got the bill … A whooping RM1.20 for a sky-juice. DUH


So we paid that a lot of money for a BAD SERVICE & BAD PRICE. I won’t be visiting this place again.

And I strongly advise to stay away from this shop.



Finally got this … Too bad I don’t have last year’s planner, otherwise I can use this with last year’s leather binder …



My company is organizing an annual dinner and I was “lucky” enough to be chosen as part of the organizing committee although I’m still under probation period of 3 months, of which 2 more months to go before I can get confirmed.

I was to be in charge of the dinner liaisons which takes care of invitation cards, lucky draw prizes ;-) , artworks, designs blar blar blar.

I have to admit I’m not really an artistic person when it comes to graphic. I still remember vividly that art classes during my schooling days is a total pain in the ass. I never liked art classes..

So this time, I have to get in touch with my long lost artistic side and come up with a design which will be used in all related printing materials and backdrop and this is what I manage to churn out.


What do you think????












And IF you’re asking why the white logo there, my answer is because of the people from corporate communication insisted that way. So I have no choice.




Just went to a salon to color my hair and get a haircut since they are having promotion… This is the first time I’m taking self pics from right angle.

How was it???



Erm… this is actually a post on my trip to Penang LAST MONTH… Hehehe…

My friend and I were actually on a food trip to Penang. Will go again next time if my schedule permits. We went around hunting for food along with the local there.

List of food that we had are : - (not limit to ;-) )

- Yam Rice with salted vege soup. I like it very much.

20090920 20090920(001) 20090920(002)

- Blackman Rojak. The sauce was superb.


- Oyster omelets.


- Seafood… Loads of them …

 20090921(003) 20090921(004) 20090921(005) 20090921(006)


Sidenote : I’m not at all part of the seafood. I’m just camwhoring while waiting for the food. Duh.


Apart from that, we also visited a few places in Bukit Mertajam and Penang Island. Particularly, St Anne’s Cathedral and za Hard Rock Hotel.

20090920(004) 20090920(006) 20090920(007) 20090920(010) 20090920(013) 20090920(014) 20090920(015) 

If you guys wanna go Penang, let me know… I wanna join .. ;-)


Camwhoring at office ...

Tomorrow will be my 4th week with this new company. I joined this company as a Senior Executive for their IT department handling mainly servers. The staff here are very very friendly and more like a family. My manager is a very humble and nice guy. My colleagues are very helpful and entertaining.

A few days after I joined, they had a potluck session to celebrate DeepaRaya. Lots of food I tell ya…

Food More food

If I’m not mistaken, I had 3 or 4 rounds of food… All Indian and Malay food… which are very nice .. minus the fatty part… All courtesy of the staff here.

Also, we had a fire drill last week… Nothing much noteworthy but managed to get closer with other colleagues. They are really interesting people. Thank God for putting me here.

Camwhore during fire drill ...

So if you happen to drop by Damansara Heights for lunch, gimme a call… ;-)



Stumbled across this interesting sight when my band went to this particular mamak shop after band practice. It was unnoticeable at first but it caught my attention when we were making payment at the counter.

What amazes me is the top half was okay and the bottom half was where it went wrong.


Maybe they really sell Nasi Tomoto. From Japan perhaps…


It has been a while since my last update ….

Just to let you guys know that I’m still pretty much alive.


Just some short updates on what had happened :-

1. I’ve already started working in a new company.
2. I’m intensifying my gym workout
3. I’m saving up money to buy recording / studio equipments

Will try to update more often …


Cute ????


Cute heh???



1996 - 2002


13 12


8 9 17 18 21 5


Last Thursday, I went to Bangkok with a group of friends. This is a trip planned since a few months back when Airasia was having some promo price. Since I haven’t been back to Thailand for a few years already so I thought this is a good chance to go back for a visit. The only difference this time is I’m not going with any of my family members, so it’s quite an adventurous trip for me although I can basically go anywhere because I can speak Thai.

@ Airport

We basically went shopping, food and visit some popular tourist spots. Manage to eat some of the food that I missed dearly, particularly the bamboo glutinous rice. Apart from that, I bought myself quite some stuff, mainly food, a sling bag, clothes, underwear and some medicine too.

View from Hotel rooftop

I nearly wasted 50% of my 5 day trip to Bangkok because I was down with fever and cough. I lost appetite till the point of the food are tasteless to me. Luckily I still manage to get some medication from a pharmacy nearby the hotel.

Bangkok Train System - BTS

We commute mostly using BTS as the hotel is just right beside the BTS station. BTS station is something like our own LRT systems. It’s very fast and timely. People here queue up to enter the train, staffs are helpful.

At the Buffalo StationI’m looking forward to go back again……… Time to hunt for next cheap flight to Bangkok


Just got these from Eizaz last week. These videos were taken during Junk’s A Green Symphony gig back in June… Enjoy and don’t laugh….




Omens Of Love + Sunnyside Cruise





I can’t really recall why this thought came to my mind when I was looking at some property at Saffron with Eric. Don’t know how our conversation ended up at all these waxing business.

I was a bit skeptical at first and of course worried about the pain after watching the crazy fellas at “Jackass” did their waxing. After some discussion with Swee, I decided to give it a go. And so I went to the Curve yesterday and did a Boyzillian waxing at Strip. This place was recommended by Eric and Swee.


The whole process of waxing takes around 15 minutes. Plus the extra 15 mins for some post-waxing care treatment. It was painful but only for a split second when the therapist strip off the wax from your skin, so it’s still bearable. I was shy to strip naked for a FEMALE therapist. Didn’t get a reaction, so that saved me from lots of embarrassment. Haha. I did their “xxxx Strip” which means removal of all hairs from pubic area and the butt-crack area. The end result…. damn smooth i tell ya. Haha

The therapist was professional enough and we were talking non-stop while the session is going on. That kept my mind off from thinking all those painful stuff Haha. Found out she worked in their branch in Singapore before and did a lot of session with guys. I was surprised quite a lot of guys went for this stuff also.

If you’re adventurous, try waxing instead of trimming or shaving your pubic. It’s a cool experience. I will go back next time if I wanna do waxing again. Enjoy~~~~

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