Ever thought of a lucky draw will actually causing you pain???

That’s what I experienced yesterday in FF Axis. Frankly, I totally have forgotten about this special RPM Challenge class. Luckily (or rather unfortunately) I went there earlier and was shocked to find my regular bike was already occupied.

I was given the “honor” by Margie to draw the song for Track 7. I have no idea what the tracks are because all of them are just identified by their release numbers. And so all the tracks have been chosen and we’re “lucky” enough to get all the long and crazy tracks. DUH.

The class yesterday was insanely long. We started around 7.25 and ended around 8.30. The floors are soaked with a gigantic pool of sweat. AND WHY ON EARTH the time passes so slow during the class??? I lost count of the tracks and literally thought it was the end during track 6. WTH!!

Each rider were given a limited key chain (which I didn’t get due to limited stock) and a can of 100 Plus Activ, also a good calories burn.

I had dinner with Eric, Margie and Teng afterwards at Strawberry Café nearby after the class. Very funny lar with all these lovely jokers around.


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