Penang Trip

Erm… this is actually a post on my trip to Penang LAST MONTH… Hehehe…

My friend and I were actually on a food trip to Penang. Will go again next time if my schedule permits. We went around hunting for food along with the local there.

List of food that we had are : - (not limit to ;-) )

- Yam Rice with salted vege soup. I like it very much.

20090920 20090920(001) 20090920(002)

- Blackman Rojak. The sauce was superb.


- Oyster omelets.


- Seafood… Loads of them …

 20090921(003) 20090921(004) 20090921(005) 20090921(006)


Sidenote : I’m not at all part of the seafood. I’m just camwhoring while waiting for the food. Duh.


Apart from that, we also visited a few places in Bukit Mertajam and Penang Island. Particularly, St Anne’s Cathedral and za Hard Rock Hotel.

20090920(004) 20090920(006) 20090920(007) 20090920(010) 20090920(013) 20090920(014) 20090920(015) 

If you guys wanna go Penang, let me know… I wanna join .. ;-)

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  1. TZ said...
    I'm going tomorrow and will be back on Sunday :)
    Will let you know on my next trip eh~

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