Last Saturday, got a call from Jacob for a lunch at Midvalley first before going to church for service. I was lazy and do not want to drive my bike to Midvalley, and so I decided to take the train instead.

The lunch was scheduled to be 12:30 and so I reached Bank Negara KTM Station at around 11:15am. A quick glance at the LCD panel and was relief that the train to Seremban is arriving in another 5 minutes... So was thinking of visiting Peoples and Philosophy Men if I reach Midvalley early.

5 minutes went by..... no sign of train .........
Another 15 minutes went by ..... train came ..... but on the other side of the track.
Another 10 minutes went by ..... train came ..... on the correct side of track ... different route (P.Klang) #$&#^
Another 5 minutes went by ..... opposite train came
Another 15 minutes ..... opposite train came again
Another 5 minutes ..... the train came .... different route (P.Klang) wtf.....
Another 5 minutes ..... opposite train came
Another 15 minutes ... P.Klang train came again..... (where the heck is the Seremban train?)
and finally the train arrived after around 10 mins or so.... but the train is jam packed with people.
Don't care lar... just squeeze..... I'm tall enough to get some good air in a stuffed train anyway.

Well.... frequent KTM users will be able tell similar experiences that I had. It's being more than 6 years since I first used KTM services to commute from places to places and I've NOT seen any service improvements. Their company motto - "Terus Maju" means "keeps on progressing", but somehow I don't see any point of their motto.

Terus Maju ?? EAT SHIT!!!!


Got tagged by Chris. First time getting tagged btw.

Anyhow, here it goes....

Unix Administrator in Hewlett Packard
Freelance musician, arranger.

*Best sartorial advice from your parents?
You spent RM1000 on a jean, shirt and T-shirt????

*I build my daily look around
Cooling, "Hunky"

*Personal Style quirk
Full range facial products
Wax / Mud

*Favorite designers

*Most cherished item
My guitars

*I feel best wearing?
Singlets and shorts.

*The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist’s outfit...Sartorialist?
She doesn't look like a 40+ years old mom. Anyhow, she's a tailor.. duh

*I always break this fashion rule...
Erm.. define "fashion rule"

*Never caught wearing
Tight jeans / Hot pants

*Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear

*Dress to impress who?

*Shine your own shoes?
I dont have any shoes to be shined except for my working shoes. So far, I've never shined 'em

*Favorite stores?
Topman, Private Structure, Philosophy Men, Peoples, Original Fake, Tough

*Your next “must have” purchase
New Urban Male's Party Tank

*I only buy __________ in Europe.
Are you kidding??? GBP1 = RM7 forex rates is crazy.

*I skimp when buying...

*I splurge on…

*Favorite item of clothing
New Urban Male's Party Tank, Tough Jeans, Adidas Shoes

*Guilty pleasure
Fusion Haven

*Cologne, skincare
Biotherm Homme

*Most stylish city

*When I was high school I wore
Short sleeve shirt, Shitty Green Pants (Form 1-5), White Pants (Form 6)

Gym, swimming, cycling, jogging

*Favorite fashion magazine
I don't have any favorite fashion magazine, I read Men's Uno occasionally

*Favorite vacation spot
My Hometown (My house is just beside the beach)

*Favorite neighborhood restaurant
None. The nearest is in Sri Petaling. (I'm staying in Sentul Timur)

Tag : ChristinaSan, TZ, Jefrrey









Went for a recording session yesterday......Recording vocal for one of the upcoming nationalwide event. The recording session was quite smooth. Manage to settle my part within a few takes.

Here's a short video on what's happening yesterday.... More to come later...

Video courtesy of KhanKhai.


I hate this KL weather.....
Sunny at the wrong timing
Raining at the wrong hour


Finally back in KL and the working lifestyle resumed as usual.

Feel kinda sad leaving hometown to come back to KL. I will definitely miss the air back in hometown.....

Well, this coming week will be a hectic week for me as I'm working in a new environment. It's not that I changed job, just that I'm supporting another company for now. Workload is kinda hectic because need to work off office hours. Hopefully this won't be for long.

Tonight will be playing guitar for Siang Xi in UM. I only practised with them once yesterday night. Hopefully I don't screw up that much tonight. Hahahah.....

Master of Screw-ups



Just wanna share a song that I liked when I was a kid and even now... I first listened to it when I was around 4 or 5 years old. That's the era where good musics buds. You can hardly find good musics these days.

My dad bought this cassette album and I kept on repeating this song by rewinding the tape again and again till it is spoilt. Hahaha.

This is a song sang by Alan Tam called "Lorelai". Impressive arrangement for that era.

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