Got tagged by Chris. First time getting tagged btw.

Anyhow, here it goes....

Unix Administrator in Hewlett Packard
Freelance musician, arranger.

*Best sartorial advice from your parents?
You spent RM1000 on a jean, shirt and T-shirt????

*I build my daily look around
Cooling, "Hunky"

*Personal Style quirk
Full range facial products
Wax / Mud

*Favorite designers

*Most cherished item
My guitars

*I feel best wearing?
Singlets and shorts.

*The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist’s outfit...Sartorialist?
She doesn't look like a 40+ years old mom. Anyhow, she's a tailor.. duh

*I always break this fashion rule...
Erm.. define "fashion rule"

*Never caught wearing
Tight jeans / Hot pants

*Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear

*Dress to impress who?

*Shine your own shoes?
I dont have any shoes to be shined except for my working shoes. So far, I've never shined 'em

*Favorite stores?
Topman, Private Structure, Philosophy Men, Peoples, Original Fake, Tough

*Your next “must have” purchase
New Urban Male's Party Tank

*I only buy __________ in Europe.
Are you kidding??? GBP1 = RM7 forex rates is crazy.

*I skimp when buying...

*I splurge on…

*Favorite item of clothing
New Urban Male's Party Tank, Tough Jeans, Adidas Shoes

*Guilty pleasure
Fusion Haven

*Cologne, skincare
Biotherm Homme

*Most stylish city

*When I was high school I wore
Short sleeve shirt, Shitty Green Pants (Form 1-5), White Pants (Form 6)

Gym, swimming, cycling, jogging

*Favorite fashion magazine
I don't have any favorite fashion magazine, I read Men's Uno occasionally

*Favorite vacation spot
My Hometown (My house is just beside the beach)

*Favorite neighborhood restaurant
None. The nearest is in Sri Petaling. (I'm staying in Sentul Timur)

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