Pit Stop

Just came back from Kuala Terengganu, my hometown....

Took leave last Wednesday till Friday and went back to my sweet beloved hometown.
Quite some changes has occured. School's staff room is back operational, Mr Seah's office has been renovated by my uncle, A breakfast of a soup noodle + fried egg which cost me a total of RM1.80, soon to be opened Secret Recipe and etc.

Helped my hometown church to configure the sound system and the stage as well... Our church finally has our own church building. It's a really nice building. Hopefully the place will be fully utilised for the work of Christ.

Manage to catch up with a few friends and chit chat about lots of stuff..... BUt sadly, time passes fast and now I'm back at KL and tomorrow I'll need to work again.

Plan to take leave again next month to go back...........


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