Flash Flood in KL

On Sunday, Andrew and I initially decided before hand that we want to go to have dinner at Fusion Haven at Sri Petaling. But when I almost wanted to go out around 7:00pm, the sky starts to get dark and soon after that, the raining starts.

So I messaged Andrew that we have to cancel our food trip due to the rain. And I resorted to have a dinner at the food court near my house. The rain is getting heavier and heavier and shows no sign of improving. So I waited for the rain to stop before I can walk home.

As time goes by and the rain doesn't seem like wanting to stop, I was getting more and more pissed because so much time wasted waiting for the rain to stop. So I went to a hair saloon nearby to get a haircut. After finish getting a haircut, the rain is still raining heavily.

Impatiently I waited for another 20 minutes, finally I decided to walk home in the rain. And so I did, it feels good. Maybe should go walk in the rain more often. It might boost your body immunity.

Then on Monday, I saw the news about the flash flood in KL. Quite interesting. Pak Lah gives the water work department a surprise visit and we get to see lots of funny responses from the people in the department. Then we see some of our elected ministers which includes the infamous Tai Chi Master Mr. Sami Velu starts to Tai Chi the responsibility around instead of working together to resolve the issue.

Here are some pics I found on the net on the flash food around KL...

1. The flood scenery in Dang Wangi

2. This one was shot at Masjid Jamek


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