Recently there are lots of swindling cases happened around. And I happen to stumble across this youtube recording that my friend pass it to me and I feel like I want to share it to you guys....

Be careful and don't be greedy.


Pit Stop

Just came back from Kuala Terengganu, my hometown....

Took leave last Wednesday till Friday and went back to my sweet beloved hometown.
Quite some changes has occured. School's staff room is back operational, Mr Seah's office has been renovated by my uncle, A breakfast of a soup noodle + fried egg which cost me a total of RM1.80, soon to be opened Secret Recipe and etc.

Helped my hometown church to configure the sound system and the stage as well... Our church finally has our own church building. It's a really nice building. Hopefully the place will be fully utilised for the work of Christ.

Manage to catch up with a few friends and chit chat about lots of stuff..... BUt sadly, time passes fast and now I'm back at KL and tomorrow I'll need to work again.

Plan to take leave again next month to go back...........


Today, GEPC had a team from US to lead part of the worship. They are American Blacks. So those who are into music, you know how black music sounds like.

I had the chance of playing drums for them. Damn nice....
First time in my life experiencing a US Black worship session....
Truly inspiring....


Saw a quite interesting post on someone else's site and feel like wanna share with you guys.

Spiderman Logics

1. Spiderman is a super hero that dirties the New York city because every time our friendly neighbourhood springs into action, he'll leave his spider web on every wall.

2. Spiderman should have shot his web from his spinnerets, not from his wrists.

3. Peter Parker was bitten by the super spider . But does that imply that there are possibilities that there are more Spidermans if the spider bites someone else?

4. Spiderman normally sticks on the wall because there are tiny tentacles under his skin. But, did the tiny tentacles really works since he's wearing costumes and gloves ???

Think about it....


On Sunday, Andrew and I initially decided before hand that we want to go to have dinner at Fusion Haven at Sri Petaling. But when I almost wanted to go out around 7:00pm, the sky starts to get dark and soon after that, the raining starts.

So I messaged Andrew that we have to cancel our food trip due to the rain. And I resorted to have a dinner at the food court near my house. The rain is getting heavier and heavier and shows no sign of improving. So I waited for the rain to stop before I can walk home.

As time goes by and the rain doesn't seem like wanting to stop, I was getting more and more pissed because so much time wasted waiting for the rain to stop. So I went to a hair saloon nearby to get a haircut. After finish getting a haircut, the rain is still raining heavily.

Impatiently I waited for another 20 minutes, finally I decided to walk home in the rain. And so I did, it feels good. Maybe should go walk in the rain more often. It might boost your body immunity.

Then on Monday, I saw the news about the flash flood in KL. Quite interesting. Pak Lah gives the water work department a surprise visit and we get to see lots of funny responses from the people in the department. Then we see some of our elected ministers which includes the infamous Tai Chi Master Mr. Sami Velu starts to Tai Chi the responsibility around instead of working together to resolve the issue.

Here are some pics I found on the net on the flash food around KL...

1. The flood scenery in Dang Wangi

2. This one was shot at Masjid Jamek



張雨生 - Those who follow the chinese music in the mid 90s will know who he is. To me, he is a brilliant and a very talented musician. He's a producer, musician, song writer, singer and etc and have written so many songs which is still popular even today. He's able to write songs a few eras ahead of him and that's truly remarkable and shows how much vision he has for his music.

It's truly a tragic event when he passed away after a serious car accident in 1998. The music arena is definitely gonna miss him.

Today I'm going to share with you a song from his last album before his demise.
It's an amazing song. I still remembered I'm hooked with the song for a very very long time. Hope you guys will like it too.



Today I'm gonna introduce to you guys a song that I wrote.

It's called Slave. Hope you guys will like it.

作曲:David Chin
编曲:David Chin

Verse 1
抛开理智 双手合十
祈求遗失 比获得真实

Verse 2
沉默都市 喧闹歧视
要接受指示 活着多讽刺

懒得去解释 睁着眼睛排斥

何时才能坚持 不装作不可一世
我有我的方式 接受完美是说辞
闭嘴就是知识 更显得你最忠实


After a long break, the JUNK is gathering again and resumed our jamming session.
It was quite funny and fun though. Did lots of funny stuff, playing the wrong stuff and etc. And impromptu Summer Song jamming kakakaka.

Looking forward for this coming week's jamming as a keyboardist is coming......

Our current setlist :-

1. Cosmosquad - Sheer Drama
2. Fourplay - 101 Eastbound
3. T-Square - Naughty Boy
4. T-Square - Omens Of Love
5. T-Square - Moon Over The Castle
6. Time Lapse Consortium - Patrolin'
7. Time Lapse Consortium - Come Back Boomerang
8. Chobits - They Come And Go
9. Joe Satriani - Summer Song
10. Los Lonely Boys - Heaven
11. Wild Cherries - Play that Funky Music


A friend just sent me a link ... quite interesting.
Go have a look


Among the excerpts ...

Essentially a tiny peninsula found to the north of their cousins who live on an even smaller island Singapore, it is a young nation of diverse cultures and races such as F1 Formula-1 and Nascar. Malaysia's timezone is unique because it follows the system of +1/+2 PMT (Predetermined Meeting Time) which is 1 or 2 hours later than PMT. Most foreigners are having difficulty adjusting to this new timezone as they tend to show up 1 or 2 hours earlier than the local counterparts. The nation is moving foward with a vision as a collective community towards the vision of becoming a developed nation by the year 2020, 4040, 5050 or whatever catchy number. Malaysia is a nation in Southeast Asia and is made up of 13 states namely Selengor, Kedoh, Terengggganu, Kelentoh, Pahang, Penang, Malacca, Johor Balu (just north of Singkaypoh), Sabah, Sarawak (which are essentially Malaysia's eastern colonies), Police, Maliuka, Berak and Nogowi. The three federal territories Kuala Laupek, Puterijaya and Labuah don't count as states since they're too small anyway, like Taiwan. Another common state that Malaysians have is denial (no lah, where got?), which incidentally, is a river in Egypt


Favorite quotes of the Customer Service representative at TMwait Slowmyx / TMnerd Shitmyx:
(if u r using external ADSL modem)"Is the light of the ADSL light blinking of off??"
"Please unplug your network cable and turn it around and plug it back in" (Witchcraft lah, just stand up and turn around 3 times, your internet will be aaalrite!)
"What version of Windows are you using?" (If it ain't WinXP, fuxx you, we do not support Mac, Win2k or Linux)
"Please unplug your microfilter and plug the modem wire directly into the wall socket" (I can hear the pages flipping, she's either reading Kosmo! or from a frickin' manual, which I can also do, and Fuxx You very much, I already tried, my microfilter is brand new)
"You must plug your SATA modem to the IDE floppy disk and put your USB monitor to the 2-socket plug. Then only can you turn on the 30-Amp power to your Acer.
"I tak tahu..." / "I don't know..."
" "Currently, we have no service distruption in malaysia"<--- a good reply when international cable breakdown. Stupid Customer service dont even know.
" Nonit talk so much la..... Let me make report for u. U take the report number and keep quiet... Wait for technician to come( if he remembers).. Bye.... tooo..tooo..
" Now restart your comp....
" Uninstall and then reinstall the network driver. That didn't work for you? What you don't have your original disks? No problem, use this web site... what do you mean you have no Internet without the driver? Are you trying to question me?"
"Please reinstall your modem"(driver)
" I am sorry, our support does not cover that. Try calling the company that made your computer or Microsoft. (I have no idea what you are talking about and my script does not cover these sorts of things. Rather than tell you I have no talent, I am instead telling you to go somewhere else and passing the buck to them. Yet I know they also have help desks in Malaysia so I am phoning them ahead to warn them about you. You are so fuxxored.)
"Talk talk talk... Please wait while all our staffs are engaged on line...(Stupid tmnut song plays... played over and over hundred of times.. then, line disconnected" - This happened when all the staffs went to minum kopi, lepak, talk cock ...etc watever and refused to answer the phone because they know they can't do anything other than saying "Please wait while our technical workers are currently fixing the problemss"
"Huh ?"
"Cannot... cannot" -TMNET customer service on speaking to your supervisor
"Tomorrow you come lah... to tmnet center" -TMNET customer service typical panics
An official reply via email from their customer service: "Send email with details can ? We no receive your email at all." Same email recycle until customers give up.
"Suh... you made no payments" -on the bill you payed 3 months ago, now they're threating to block your connection
"Oh unplug your cable lah, then you squeeze squeeze should be ok adiiiiii!!!"
"Slow? I think you should upgrade to Streamyx 1 Meg. How much you are paying now? Just add little bit only ma."
"Unplug your telephone line, rub it towards your breast, let the telephone line gets high, then plug back in ur asshole. I'm 100% u can use ur internet to see BOGEL INTERNET."


Go take a look at the full article and have a good laugh.

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