Wild Hogs

Well it's 1st May today and it's a holiday (well .. to most part of us).

Went to Cheras Leisure Mall to catch a movie with my CG group members. We watched Wild Hogs.

(Quoted from Wikipedia)

SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woody Stevens (John Travolta), Doug Madsen (Tim Allen), Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) are four successful middle-aged suburban men in Cincinnati who find themselves frustrated with the pace of daily life. Woody is a formerly rich businessman who now finds himself alone and bankrupt. Doug is a dentist who can’t connect with his son and misses his college glory days when he was called “The Golden Knight.” Bobby is a plumber who’s often bossed around by his wife. Dudley is a computer geek who seeks to find a woman in his life. Their one collective hobby has always been to ride together on motorcycles around the city. They even have leather jackets with their biker gang name, “Wild Hogs,” stitched on the back.

After Woody finds out that his marriage is ending in divorce and that he's bankrupt, he suggests that the Wild Hogs embark a cross-country road trip on their bikes to seek adventure. After some hesitation from the three others, the four agree to the trip and set off on their Harley-Davidsons.

The road trip is filled with humorous moments. For example, when they cosily sleep close to each other, scantily dressed, a policeman (John C. McGinley) tells them this is lewd and lascivious behavior, but it turns out that he is only teasing: he is gay and actually jealous. Later the four go skinny dipping, but are very uncomfortable when a family goes swimming. When the family discovers that the four men are naked they feel very uncomfortable too and leave. The policeman appears again; he also undresses and joins the four men, showing sexual interest in them; this makes the four feel uncomfortable again, and now they leave.

The fun soon ends when the foursome stops at a small New Mexico bar and stumbles onto a real motorcycle gang called the Del Fuegos. Del Fuego leader Jack (Ray Liotta) tricks the foursome into a bum motorcycle trade, then tells them they should leave before something else bad happens. The Wild Hogs leave the bar without Dudley’s bike, with the Del Fuegos claiming the Wild Hogs are nothing compared to real motorcyclists, such as Damien Blade, the biker who founded the gang and built the bar.

Less than a mile away, Woody stops, disgraced at what just transpired. He tells his friends that he will walk back and reason with Jack for the bike. But when Woody gets back to the bar, he builds up his courage and cuts the fuel lines to every gang member’s motorcycle in the parking lot before exiting with Dudley’s bike. He returns to his friends with the bike (to much astonishment) and explains that he simply threatened the gang with legal action should they not turn over the bike. At the nervous Woody’s request, they quickly leave the area. Jack orders his gang to follow the Wild Hogs, but when he errantly tosses a cigarette, it hits gasoline on the ground, which triggers a chain reaction that blows up the entire biker bar. The Del Fuegos swear revenge, getting to work on repairing their vehicles.

Meanwhile, because of Woody’s insistence that they should not stop for any reason, the Wild Hogs run out of gas and are forced to stop in the small town of Madrid, New Mexico, to wait overnight for the fuel station’s opening. The four are first mistaken for actual Del Fuegos and feared. Once the mistake is cleared up, the Madrid Sheriff (Stephen Tobolowsky) tells the Wild Hogs that the Del Fuegos terrorize the town yearly and the small police force - who received police training by beating the video game Doom - is unable to do anything about them.

At a chili festival that night, Dudley meets Maggie (Marisa Tomei) and immediately is smitten with her. As he courts her, Bobby comes across two Del Fuegos in town (who have spotted the Wild Hogs and informed Jack). Thinking himself untouchable, because of Woody’s previous “legal action” explanation, Bobby humiliates the two bikers. Under orders from Jack, the two Del Fuegos refuse to do anything, but instead get humiliated and simply leave the area. The town praises all the Wild Hogs as saviors, thinking them a friendly biker gang who can protect them.

Dudley spends the night with Maggie. The next morning, The Del Fuegos arrive en masse and Jack yells to the townspeople that his gang will slowly destroy the town until the Wild Hogs come out to fight. Woody reveals he lied about the biker bar incident and his friends are disappointed with his deceit. When the Del Fuegos start to wreck Maggie’s diner, Dudley goes out to meet them. The rest of the Wild Hogs arrive to back up Dudley and a four-on-four fistfight begins between four Del Fuego bikers and the Wild Hogs. Easily outmatched, the Wild Hogs are beaten up, but refuse to stay down and see the diner destroyed. With their dignity on the line, they continue to get up and take punch after punch, much to the amazement of Jack. Just then, the townspeople all arrive carrying makeshift weapons and defend their new friends; they demand the Del Fuegos leave the Wild Hogs alone and get out of town. The situation is defused by the arrival of Damien Blade himself (Peter Fonda). Blade chastises Jack and the Del Fuegos for picking on four men and the townspeople, and reveals he actually thought his bar was crap and insured it for twice what it was worth (and we also learn that Jack is actually Damien's son). The Del Fuegos, feeling guilty, leave. In a salute to Easy Rider, Blade tells the Wild Hogs that they need to "lose the watches," referring to the scene when, just before departing on their cross-country chopper-born odyssey, Wyatt (Fonda's character), takes off his watch and throws it in the dirt.

Bobby and Doug’s wives arrive in town. Bobby tells his wife that he dislikes her controlling him and the two reconcile. Doug impresses his son by telling him of the adventures. Dudley says he will return to town soon to enjoy time with Maggie. The four head for the Pacific coast.

During the closing credits, a fake episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where the Del Fuegos are given a brand new bar is shown. Jack holds back tears unsuccessfully.

SPOILER END !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been quite a fan of Tim Allen since I started to see him in Home Improvement. What caught my attention is that the movie has a good soundtrack. I'd buy the movie soundtrack if they ever release one.

I'd certainly recommend this movie. If you're a person that's lost on your purpose in life and don't know what to do, go for this movie. It will enlighten you up. If anyone wanna go watch this movie and need a company, find me. I don't mind watching it again.

My look today before going out....



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