Yay! I finally got myself a MIDI controller.

Today, I went to Berjaya Times Square first to meet up with Akira. Had a quick lunch at McD and then headed straight to SMX to get the MIDI controller.

Behold ...

(The MIDI controller is at the bottom and my Line6 POD XT live on top)

Close up shot of the MIDI controller

Hoohoo.. I can start doing my own music projects already... Gonna play around with it. :-)

I would like to thank Gary Chua for willing to invest 50% in the gear, this helps me saves a lot. And really big thank you to Akira for helping me in transporting this big toy and the stands back to my house and thanks for the nice chat we had.

Me on my way out to Times Square... shot at Genting Klang


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  1. Anonymous said...
    no problem ^^ you can return me the favor by treating me to jogoya next time..... hehe

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