For those gamers out there, you might have heard this song before. Moon Over The Castle is the theme song for a car racing game on Sony Playstation consoles called Gran Turismo.

I first heard of this song when I was playing the first Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 1 console. The song straight away got my attention even it's the first time I heard it in 1996. Then I went on to search for the mp3 for this song and still couldn't find it until 2 years later and then only I know the song is called "Moon Over The Castle".

The composer for this song, Masahiro Andoh is the guitarist for T-Square. Apart from composing music for this game, he composed the soundtrack for Arc The Lad as well. This song has gotten me in T-Square even until now and Masahiro Andoh is one of my favorite musician of all time.

There you go.. the footage from the Gran Turismo 2 featuring the song.

and another one, a cover of my band - Hybrid on the same song

yet another one, a cover of me playing the song. Recorded this morning.


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