I still remember after I finished my degree, I've decided to move to Setapak and settle there. There and then I want to find a band that I can relate to. I've been searching for bands that plays J-rock and for the first few months, I still can't find one. So I ended up joining JUNK.

Towards the end of August, my brother happened to stumble across a friendster bulletin that says there's a band playing Jrock is looking for a guitarist and ask me whether I wanna try this band out. I did.

I managed to chat with the band members on MSN prior to our first jamming. Quite nice.

Wow, it's almost 2 years already I'm with Mage.

The music of MAGE is somehow heavily influenced by J-rock music. On some occasion, other elements too. Check out Mage's Myspace.

From left to right :
Moon (vocal), Ichiro (guitar), Gene (drums), Chit Wei (bass), Me (guitar)
Picture was taken after our gig at the Laundry Bar @ The Curve in March 07.

Not so official biography of Mage (copy and paste from Myspace)

Formed 2004, founded by Moon, the vocalist and the main composer of the band.
1st generation Mage ended by August/September '04 as the bassist left the band. The following month, new bassist Chit Wei joined the band, 2nd generation Mage was born. 2005 August/September, New guitarist David Join the band and the band now consist of 5 members.


15th March 07 - Harajuku Night @ Laundry Bar, The Curve
Bands : Mage, Strawberry Jam, Haze feat. Miniature Garden

4th November 06 - Jrock Kingdom III @ Halo Cafe, South City Plaza.
Bands: Mage, Brave, Rade
Guestbands : Hybrid, J'misquall, Haze feat. Miniature Garden, StrawBerry Jam

22th April 05 - Jrock Kingdom II @ Paul's Place, Old Klang Road
Bands : Mage, Brave, Rade

26th November 04 - Jrock Kingdom I @ Paul's Place, Uptown Damansara
Bands: Mage, Brave, Rade

Jan 2004 - Oct 2004 :

UCSI Rock Festival
UCSI Prom Night Function @ Palace of The Golden Horses
Battle of The Band @ KDU

Check out Mage's performances in Youtube


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