JUNK .... is actually the first band that I joined after I graduated around 2 years ago. After I moved to Setapak after my graduation, I've been trying hard to find a band that I can join and play. After posting a post asking anyone being a T-Square fan and wanted to jam their music, here comes Eugene replied that he wanna give it a try. And so we met at one of the studio (now called CSI) in Subang Jaya.

And there I met Brett, one of the good drummers that I've ever met. And so we jammed for quite some time and manage to join a charity gig to raise fund for Reuben for his medical treatment.

Our line up was Eugene on bass, Brett on drums and I on guitar. We're a 3-piece band. Playing a few songs from soundtracks, Time Lapse Consortium and T-Square. It was my first ever underground gig in KL. It's truly unforgetable.

Picture from our one-and-only first gig.

After then due to time constraints we seldom meet anymore, except through MSN. Then we have Davin, another brilliant guitarist joined in to play for a short time before departing to work in Germany and since then Junk has been in silence.

In early March, I've always been wanting to meet up again with Brett and play the musics that we liked. So we had a jamming at Ampang and manage to play back a few of our old song with another bassist, Choong How. However, due to his studies, we have to suspend the jamming while waiting for him to finish his thesis and Viva.

Currently I have manage to get another guitarist to join us, Chee Choy. So we'll be having a jamming session this coming 2nd June with the new lineups. I hope the band will stay on and we'll have more chance to perform.

Oh ya, we're still looking for suitable keyboardist. So gimme a buzz if you're interested.


  1. Anonymous said...
    oi.. i didn't know u're still playing with brett.
    i feel so..



    gray-dots said...

    Don't be sad lar.....
    Got time come out for a drink lar.. long time didn't catch up already.
    SilverIsle said...
    Cool! Can't wait to see you guys performance! =D
    Anonymous said...
    david: lol. yeah.. belanja neslo, i'll feel better.
    eh, brett still owes us money from that last jam together with yen! haha..

    silverisle: dude.. you're everywhere. lowyat ada, jamtank ada, xanga and blogspot also got. stalker!

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