Cari Jamming

Today, a few folks from the Musician's Thread in CARI Chinese forum came out for a jamming meet in Setapak. I was one of them.

The meetings started at 4:30pm. Around 30 people turned up. Quite nice. Met a few good players. And I happened to have a chance to test Rossie's Keeley modded DS1. It was superb.

During the jamming, I was transformed from a guitarist to a bassist, playing bass for other groups. And lastly, I only managed to play guitar for 1 song (not even the solo part was played by me). Nevertheless, it was funny and fun.

Will post up the pics later once I got it from the organisers.

We'll be having another round of meeting next week at Subang Jaya... Stay Tuned.

Pics .....

Pic courtesy of Silver


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