Will post my review on the gig later.

Video hijacked from http://anthony-night.blogspot.com/2009/06/sun-u-animangaki.html


Hybrid will be performing at Sunway University’s ANIMANGAKI ‘09 this coming Sunday.

We’ll be the opening band for the live band performance.

Catch us there !!!!

For more info, go here >>>> http://suac.x-tenshi.com


Hybrid will be playing :-

  • Yumede Aruyouni (Tales of Destiny OP)
  • Hitori Janai (Dragonball GT ED)
  • Butterfly (Digimon OP)
  • Kimi ga Iru (Initial D ED)
  • 1/3 no Junjou no Kanjou (Rurouni Kenshin ED)
  • Ohayou (Hunter x Hunter OP)




A traditional song that I like very much… This is rendition of the song by Mimi Chu .. hehehe


Hope you’ll enjoy….


Time Off

I can’t remember when was my first visit to this place. Initially, I’m not really a fan of this place. Just don’t know why all of a sudden, I seem to frequent that place at least twice a week for the past few months.

As for this past few days, I’ve been visiting the place everyday during my lunch hour since Monday. The surrounding gives me a cozy, calm feeling and did help to release my work stress level a bit while observing the surrounding people, reading magazines, or just sitting there doing nothing.

Then I came to realize that humans really DO need a time off no matter what they do. Even God himself rests during Sabbath. Time off can be short and long depending on what you want and your constraints. I do often see people rushing off for lunch and then rushing back to work. So if you ask me whether did they really taken their time off during lunch hour? I’d certainly say NO. To me, it’s just like a motorbike stopping at a petrol station for a refill and then carry on the journey. It didn’t really have a time to stop and cool off.

So I’d like to share Joker’s quote from Batman : The Dark Night …




Eh …… ???


After all these gibberish nonsense, did I mention where is this place I’m talking about?????



There you go >>> http://www.whysoserious.com/













Actually after all those pointless talk, I’m just trying to say that I’ve been visiting Starbucks frequently. Hahaha… My favorite >> Venti-sized Iced Caramel Macchiato with Soy Milk (with just a few cubes of ice) . The barista at the branch opposite Subang Inti seems to memorize my regular order already. Hahahaha….


If you wanna check out the pics from Volume 1, click here.


In this episode, I’m gonna compile the pics that I received from various sources on my band. Special thanks to Gabriel Lai, Jason Law and Cloudfly.

Me & Eizaz SoloExploring  A view from drums The guy on the throne Nice viewMr Brother Waseh.... Fish out from the pond ........ A view from the drums side  Side view Tweak tweak .. tweak tweak Bassist Me again UM Group + Junk - Choong How - Eizaz UM + Junk - Eizaz Junk - Eizaz The Guitarists The Guitarists 2 Erm... drummers??? Za Drummers...


This is a sequel to the previous post of my rants on this event. However, I’m not going to continue ranting. In this episode, I’m going to share about the feast we had … before and after the gig.

After I voiced out my dissatisfaction to the coordinator, 5 of us (Brett, Choong How, Siang Xi, Yun Xin and me) went off for lunch. Eizaz didn’t join us because he was practicing with the orchestra. And so off we went to the Curve for lunch. Initially, we had a few options in mind, notably Sakae Sushi, McD, Kim Gary and etc and finally we settled at za “Italiannese”

xxxxx Penne




Knowing that their serving is kinda big based on my previous visit, so instead of ordering 5 dishes, we only ordered 3. Brett ordered “Classic Carbonara”, I ordered “Salmon Fettuccine”, Xiao Yu ordered their new xxxxxx Penne in which I’ve forgotten the name.


 Brett & Choong How Salmon Fettuccine Classic CarbonaraYun Xin and Siang Xi

Luckily, what we ordered is enough to feed the 5 of us. I was already full after I finished the 1st serving. We talked, joked, complained for a while and then helped ourselves with some dessert at Baskin Robbins. I ordered my usual Jamoca Almond Fudge. (Sorry, no pic .. )

After that, we went back to the hall and Brett to studio to take the small tom, cymbals and stands. Then we waited till the event started.

Hijacked this from Yun Xin's Facebook

After we finished playing our set, we went to the Curve again for dinner. Eizaz didn’t join us because he still has to perform with the orchestra. We went to Dragon-i for our dinner feast. Choong How and Yun Xin still feel the food during lunch time and so they only ordered dessert. As for me, I ordered their famous soup dumpling, cutie pig red bean paste bun, and a fried pan cake with red bean paste. Brett and Siang Xi ordered some noodles.

 Cute.... isn't it?


Their cutie pig red bean paste bun was too cute and I was a bit reluctant to munch off the cute pig head, too bad I had to do it anyway. Of course I did a wee bit of camwhoring with the bun before eating it.



..... |||


This is the 1st part of the post-mortem.

The “A Green Symphony” event last Sunday at SeGi College, Kota Damansara was a great experience for us as it is the first time we perform with the 6 member lineup. Overall we did well, with some minor mistake but still sounded decent. We had some trouble during the soundchecks and “rehearsal” as the management keep on changing their itinerary. What we can do is to do our part to perform as best as we could.

As far as the PA system is concerned, my worry was true. Not everyone has their own monitor speakers, probably because we are not the main highlights of the event, so they didn’t bother to provide some for the bands. So in the end, Siang Xi cannot hear himself, Brett can only hear Choong How’s bass, Choong How can’t hear mine and others, Xiao Yu can’t hear herself. I on the other hand can hear everyone because my spot is the intersection of the all sound sources. I have no idea how it sounds like from the audience’s seat. Hopefully it will sound decent.

As for the management of events, I can’t say I’m totally satisfied with their work. I am grateful that they gave us a chance to perform on the stage (although we’re not the main highlights), but that does not justify them treat us and the rest of the band like we have all the time in the world to entertain their “ever-changing” itinerary. Things would have been easier if they had discussed with us and see if we can have a workaround. But sadly, they didn’t. So screw them.

More on the “uninforming” organiser. They only inform us about what we should wear only on that day. We didn’t bother to go back just to take our clothes, so I wore a V-neck T-Shirt hehe. Brett had to leave because he got an urgent phone call from his company to debug some issue. THEN, they told us that they’re going to have a full rehearsal so can fine tune the volume balancing and etc. So I called Brett to come back and he told his boss about this and manage to get someone else to stand in for him. AND THEN all of the sudden they say ONLY play 1 song. AND THEN AGAIN, they said the plan has been put off. So I was pissed and raised my voice when talking to the coordinator. So in the end, we manage to have some time to balance the volume between Siang Xi and Xiao Yu’s synth.

The sound crew on the other hand was being very helpful except for ONE, a Malay guy. He seem to not having an idea how to solve on stage problems. During our first soundcheck, we don’t have much issue because both synths are using separate DI Boxes to feed the console. Then after bringing back UPM’s synth on to the stage and they use the DI for that synth, we had more issue during our second soundcheck because both our synth is connected to only 1 DI, then when we requested to separate it again and the fella seems to get pissed. The issue would have been resolved without much hassle if he had connect one of our synth to the other DI. The other soundcrew joined in after that was very helpful and cooperative and helped us to solve our issue right on.

Before our turn for soundcheck, there’s already a band up on the stage doing their “souncheck”. To me, it seems more like a practice than a soundcheck and it’s a complete waste of our time. Seems like either they have never practiced before or never practiced enough and taking their own sweet time on stage to practice without realising they should be sound-checking and there are other people downstairs waiting for them to fuck off from the stage so the others can have their turn to soundcheck. tsk tsk tsk … these inconsiderate twerps. Never mind, we also had some fun time down there laughing and joking with the other bands.

Guess that’s all for Part 1… Stay tuned for Part 2


Last Friday, my colleague and I went to 1U for a team dinner. Initially we planned to go for Chilis, but we opted for somewhere else because the wait was way too long. I was kinda reluctant and don’t mind to wait longer. However, since the majority wants to go somewhere else, so I have no choice but to follow. Finally, we came across this place called “Jack’s Place”.

Jack's Place



And so we went in and got our arse seated somewhere near the entrance. The decor is kinda cozy and wide range of dishes is offered, ranging from meat, fish, pasta to pizzas, escargot.




Jack's Place Special Steak


So I ordered their “Jack’s Place Special Steak”, a beef steak topped with their specialty sauce served with asparagus, corn, carrot and fries. The steak is priced at around RM45. 

Based on the price, I was expecting more in terms of dish garnishing, presentation and taste. In the end, it’s no different than the normal steak you can find in Steven’s Corner, with the exception on the price.

I was kinda disappointed overall with the dish, right from their presentation to the flavor and their so called “Specialty Sauce” which taste no different with a typical Brown Sauce. I’d rather pay more and wait longer to dine in Chilis which offer more variety, bigger serving, better taste, better presentation and etc.

Guess this will be my first and last visit to this place………


Coming Soon

The “A Green Symphony” gig is coming soon and in a few more days Junk will be playing in front of a crowd of 1000 and in front of the ministers. This will be Junk’s first ever big gig. Although the main highlight is still the orchestra, nevertheless we’ll do our best to perform.

Brett just came back from Singapore and we’ll be doing our final preparation in these few days as the song we’re going to play is not easy and this is the first one with the full lineup. You’ll know if you see our set list later.

Enough said, do come and support us in the gig as this is going to be a gig with a good cause. You can read more here. Ticket is selling at RM10 per person. For further enquiry please call 03-9543 2201 /03-55410814/ 03-55410884. Details is here or you can visit their official blog.

Out set list for the gig :

T-Square – Omens of Love
T-Square – Sunnyside Cruise
T-Square - Explorer
T-Square – Takarajima

COME AND SUPPORT US !!! See you there !!

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