Jack’s Place

Last Friday, my colleague and I went to 1U for a team dinner. Initially we planned to go for Chilis, but we opted for somewhere else because the wait was way too long. I was kinda reluctant and don’t mind to wait longer. However, since the majority wants to go somewhere else, so I have no choice but to follow. Finally, we came across this place called “Jack’s Place”.

Jack's Place



And so we went in and got our arse seated somewhere near the entrance. The decor is kinda cozy and wide range of dishes is offered, ranging from meat, fish, pasta to pizzas, escargot.




Jack's Place Special Steak


So I ordered their “Jack’s Place Special Steak”, a beef steak topped with their specialty sauce served with asparagus, corn, carrot and fries. The steak is priced at around RM45. 

Based on the price, I was expecting more in terms of dish garnishing, presentation and taste. In the end, it’s no different than the normal steak you can find in Steven’s Corner, with the exception on the price.

I was kinda disappointed overall with the dish, right from their presentation to the flavor and their so called “Specialty Sauce” which taste no different with a typical Brown Sauce. I’d rather pay more and wait longer to dine in Chilis which offer more variety, bigger serving, better taste, better presentation and etc.

Guess this will be my first and last visit to this place………

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  1. TZ said...
    hmmm.... that bad! Luckily that day i chosen Italianics then this Jack's Place ... :)

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