Photo Shoot

Few weeks back, a friend of mine wants to test out her new camera so she asked me whether I’m interested to model for her or not. Just don’t know why, without giving it a thought, I agreed straight away. |||. But never mind, I got a free photo shoot. Hahaha.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I was sweating like crazy. But nevertheless, it’s a fun session. She managed to snap around 200+ pics. According to her, I was very stiff. Hahaha… Never mind.. Will do better next time if I have the chance to do it again.

Disclaimer : I’m not a professional nor a trained model.



  1. TZ said...
    hehehehe.... someone camwhore :)
    gray-dots said...
    Hahaha.. when you want to camwhore for me?

    Anyway, how's your camera?

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