Upcoming Gigs

Two of my bands (Junk & Hybrid) will be performing in MUSIC ATTITUDE gig.
Come support us as this will be the first gig for us with the new line up.

"Gig Poster"

Here's the performance date for my bands (as reference only) :-
Hybrid - Aug 10th, 2008
Junk - Aug 17th, 2008

How to go ??? Click HERE


  1. Яeiki said...
    2 bands ??
    No No , U have 3 bands
    Junk + Mage + Hybrid = 3 bands
    Cheers ~
    gray-dots said...
    I'm not playing with Mage liao lar...

    So 2 only ;-)
    Яeiki said...
    Ehh ? really ah ??
    no announce geh ??
    sorry to hear that ~
    Vid Vid keep on ur KIAI !
    u are a good guitarist ~~
    but must put a kuey teow on ur nose ~~~hehehe
    gray-dots said...
    Nothing special to announce so mar didn't announce lor hahaha
    No need to sorry.

    Dont want to put the KUey Teow lar.. hard to breathe and blocking my lower view.
    Anonymous said...
    OMG!!! Serious ah!? This also nothing special so what still can be special?

    gray-dots said...
    Really nothing special mar hahaha....

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