This weekend was kinda busy....

Was working from 9am - 6pm. Then rush back for a quick shower before heading off to meet up a from Singapore. Ended up they went for dinner in Ampang. So I went to Pavilion for the movie "Red Clift" instead. Quite a good film. Then met up with my friends and yam char till 4am. Damn tired.

Attended a gathering the whole day. Then rush back home to prepare for band practice. The Junk members met at Bentley @ 1U because Choong How want to try the Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass and ended up buying it.... So for the time being, the bass belongs to me because I'm the one paying for him first. Hahaha.....

As for the jamming, most of the songs are in good shape already. However, still need to fine tune some minor details. It's a happy jamming. With Choong How's new bass coming in, the overall tone sounds much better. Too bad he's flying off on Monday to Jakarta for work, so our friend from Ukraine - Melvin will step in as temporary bassist for our practice. Might wanna play T-Square's Explorer hehehe.


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