I was a bit shocked when I got to know I won the Best Guitarist Award for the Battle of The Band - Passport To Fame 2011 competition. Frankly, I didn’t expect to win at all because there are a few more good players out there in the competition. I was expecting another David from the band “Got A Match” to win. Perhaps the judges have some different expectations.

I want to thank God for the talent and the opportunity that He has given me and also bringing in all the people to help me nurture my skills. I want to thank my guitar mentor – Jose Thomas for all the lesson and guidance and also shaping the way I look about music, guitar and God.

I also want to thank my parents for not stopping me to learn guitar when I was still a secondary school boy and didn’t scold me when I took the PTPTN loan money to buy my first electric guitar during my 1st year in university. My dad bought me a Yamaha acoustic when I was in Form 2 and I still keep it till now.

… My first electric guitar. I still play it now …

Also want to thank En Ismail Ahmed who first opened my eyes on Jazz music when I was still pursuing my degree in UKM. He gave me the opportunity to learn and perform at RTM.

A big thanks to my band members also for keeping up the environment for us to keep on discovering and learning. Although we are not a professionally trained musicians, but sooner or later we’ll grow.. in due time… LOL

I want to thank the judges for choosing me as the prize winner for Best Guitarist Award.

Eler… macam menang Oscar je…


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