I immediately thought of Swee and my fellow BodyPumpers when I saw this video.

Enjoy ……










甚麼時候我才能學會飛翔 在萬里無雲的天空裡昂揚
世界竟是如此的寬廣 印入眼底的是紅紅的太陽

請讓我就這樣的學會飛翔 在你的天空裡盡情的昂揚
生命在此刻不斷的成長 你就是我那紅紅的太陽

你就是我那紅紅的太陽 紅紅的太陽 喔
你就是我那紅紅的太陽 紅紅的太陽 喔

回頭望一望走過的路是那麼漫長 好多的心事是我沈重的行囊
黑暗之中我已迷失了方向 絕望的前方是你溫柔的光

你就是我那紅紅的太陽 紅紅的太陽 喔
你就是我那紅紅的太陽 紅紅的太陽 喔


Just to share a video I got from Andrew Kam.

Hope you’ll like it.


I was very excited that JUNK will be backing a local diva, Candy Cheah for a Tiger Beer show at KL Live on Jan 12th.

My spot ....

I’d say for a non full time musician like us (All came from IT background, except for SX who is still studying Telco Engineering), we managed to pull off a decent show playing different interesting genres, including Samba, Bossa, Cha Cha, Techno, Fusion, Soca and etc… And Candy Cheah was just simply amazing and very accommodative and very supporting of us.



 CY with his Tama Bubinga kit ...

Too bad Brett can’t join us last minute due to work commitments. Luckily CY is willing to stand in for us and spent time with us practicing.

We had 3 practices before the show and it was tiring but a fun time nevertheless. It feels good to be able to spend time with fellow musician friends to play music. It was truly a great experience. 

The audio crews for the show (From REDANTZ) is also worth mentioning as they are one of the best crews that we have worked with. They are very very friendly and willing for accommodate our requests. The sound check was simply short and sweet. It is one of the shortest sound check that I’ve ever had.


Yes, we soundcheck half naked **giggles**


In a nutshell, it is cool experience to be able to play music these bunch of people.

Thanks Chris, Hung Siew and Onn for helping us out on the photos and videos.


For the whole photo album, do visit JUNK Facebook here ……



P/S : I almost collapse after the show … Doing backlines and playing for shows is very very tiring…


David - 爱心之夜4音乐剧
Jan 9-10, 2010 – KLPAC

JUNK - Candy Cheah feat. Junk
Jan 12, 2010 - KL Live

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