This is a mathematical challenge, and it's been said that:
If you're an engineer, you should be able to solve it in (under) three minutes (more like 30 seconds),
if you're an architect, in three hours;
if you're a doctor, in six hours;
if you're an accountant, in three months and if you're a lawyer, probably never.
if you're good at math or logical problems,
solve this challenge.

What is the missing number in this logical series?
1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ____???



Long time didn’t update this blog.

Nothing much happens these days as the usual routine keep on repeating itself.

Got my haircut yesterday and manage to survive a back-to-back BodyBalance + RPM class yesterday. Damn exhausting I kid you not…

Legs are very very tired due to Monday’s Pump, Tuesday’s BodyBalance, Wednesday’s Pilates, and Thursday’s BodyBalance + RPM. So I’m gonna rest today hehehe…..

Junk will be performing next week at Redang. Wish us all the best lar….


Enjoy ..

Enjoy ...


Two of my course mates back in my UKM days, Eric and Hoay Chia were married over the weekend and I was invited to attend their wedding dinner at Sungai Petani up north. Thanks to Wai Kit for willing to share out his car. Wai Kit, Elizebeth and I started our journey up north at ungodly hour of 6.30am. I went to bed at around 4.30am because I was testing out the MOTU. So I was snoozing all the way till we reach Penang around 11am.

Yar.. rite.... swtThe trip was a pleasant one (because I was asleep). I DO occasionally wake up to take a look around the surroundings and marvel at the green scenery till my jaw literally dropped.  


We made a stop at the Penang island for a meal and to buy some souvenirs. Rang up my brother to meet up at Prangin Mall. So we went around sight seeing and cam whoring.

 04072009(004) 04072009(006)


Then I saw this rather “familliar” shop … GeorgeTown White Coffee…

04072009(010) 04072009(008)

Seems like everywhere is kopitiam frenzy heh… We have Kemaman Kopitian, Old Town Kopitian and etc…..

Since this is my first visit to this landmark, why not snap some pics heh?

 04072009(013)04072009(012)  04072009(017)04072009(015)



- Wai Kit and Elizebeth (their forehead) -

After some shopping, we went out of Penang via the infamous ferry.

04072009(031) 04072009(019) 04072009(020) 04072009(024) 04072009(028) 04072009(029)


After that, we continued up north and finally reach Sungai Petani around 4pm. We rested for a while at Eric’s place and prepared ourselves for the wedding dinner.

 More cam whoring Female Coursemates

5811_112948949776_597729776_1963430_220234_n 5811_112948969776_597729776_1963432_582395_n

It’s a good time to catch up with my former coursemates. It’s been 4 years since I last seen most of them. Lots of them getting married this year. So it’s gonna burn a big hole in my wallet. Hahaha….

Hopefully will have chance to meet up with them again sometime.

That pretty much conclude the weekend.


Hohohohoho… New toy coming in……

Musicman Silhouette

22062009(002) 22062009(001)22062009 


MOTU 828mk3

06072009 05072009


Hybrid was invited to play as the opening band for the Live Band performance in the SUAC Animangaki 2009 last Sunday. The event was organised by the Sunway University Anime Club.

It was a good experience for me as the crowd are very responsive during our slot. They even sang along with us. Hahaha… Great crowd !!!.

A special and big Thank You to CY for playing drums, Siang Xi for playing synths for us.

Thank you Terry and Eugene for helping us with the audio adjustments.

Thank you for those who liked our performance that day.

Although there were a few power trips during our performance, the crowd were supportive and cheered for us. It was indeed a great experience.

Let me introduce Hybrid again….


Gary Chua (Vocal)
David Chin (Guitars)
Akira (Guitars)
Choong How (Bass)

Supported by

CY (Drums)
Siang Xi (Synths)


Without wasting much time, here’s the video.


1. Butterfly by 和田光司 (Digimon OP)


2. Ohayou by Keno (Hunter X Hunter OP)


3. ひとりじゃない (Hitorijanai) by DEEN (Dragon Ball GT ED)


4. 夢であるように (Yumedearuyouni) by DEEN (Tales of Destiny OP)


5. 1/3純情な感情 (Sanbun no Junjou na Kanjou) by Siam Shade (Rurouni Kenshin ED)


6. 君がいる (Kimigairu) by Galla (Initial D ED)


7. ENCORE - Butterfly by 和田光司 (Digimon OP)

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