Hybrid was invited to play as the opening band for the Live Band performance in the SUAC Animangaki 2009 last Sunday. The event was organised by the Sunway University Anime Club.

It was a good experience for me as the crowd are very responsive during our slot. They even sang along with us. Hahaha… Great crowd !!!.

A special and big Thank You to CY for playing drums, Siang Xi for playing synths for us.

Thank you Terry and Eugene for helping us with the audio adjustments.

Thank you for those who liked our performance that day.

Although there were a few power trips during our performance, the crowd were supportive and cheered for us. It was indeed a great experience.

Let me introduce Hybrid again….


Gary Chua (Vocal)
David Chin (Guitars)
Akira (Guitars)
Choong How (Bass)

Supported by

CY (Drums)
Siang Xi (Synths)


Without wasting much time, here’s the video.


1. Butterfly by 和田光司 (Digimon OP)


2. Ohayou by Keno (Hunter X Hunter OP)


3. ひとりじゃない (Hitorijanai) by DEEN (Dragon Ball GT ED)


4. 夢であるように (Yumedearuyouni) by DEEN (Tales of Destiny OP)


5. 1/3純情な感情 (Sanbun no Junjou na Kanjou) by Siam Shade (Rurouni Kenshin ED)


6. 君がいる (Kimigairu) by Galla (Initial D ED)


7. ENCORE - Butterfly by 和田光司 (Digimon OP)


  1. DeCloud said...
    de quality of de video is good.u use dv?
    gray-dots said...
    Yeah.. it's from a DV cam.

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