This is a sequel to the previous post of my rants on this event. However, I’m not going to continue ranting. In this episode, I’m going to share about the feast we had … before and after the gig.

After I voiced out my dissatisfaction to the coordinator, 5 of us (Brett, Choong How, Siang Xi, Yun Xin and me) went off for lunch. Eizaz didn’t join us because he was practicing with the orchestra. And so off we went to the Curve for lunch. Initially, we had a few options in mind, notably Sakae Sushi, McD, Kim Gary and etc and finally we settled at za “Italiannese”

xxxxx Penne




Knowing that their serving is kinda big based on my previous visit, so instead of ordering 5 dishes, we only ordered 3. Brett ordered “Classic Carbonara”, I ordered “Salmon Fettuccine”, Xiao Yu ordered their new xxxxxx Penne in which I’ve forgotten the name.


 Brett & Choong How Salmon Fettuccine Classic CarbonaraYun Xin and Siang Xi

Luckily, what we ordered is enough to feed the 5 of us. I was already full after I finished the 1st serving. We talked, joked, complained for a while and then helped ourselves with some dessert at Baskin Robbins. I ordered my usual Jamoca Almond Fudge. (Sorry, no pic .. )

After that, we went back to the hall and Brett to studio to take the small tom, cymbals and stands. Then we waited till the event started.

Hijacked this from Yun Xin's Facebook

After we finished playing our set, we went to the Curve again for dinner. Eizaz didn’t join us because he still has to perform with the orchestra. We went to Dragon-i for our dinner feast. Choong How and Yun Xin still feel the food during lunch time and so they only ordered dessert. As for me, I ordered their famous soup dumpling, cutie pig red bean paste bun, and a fried pan cake with red bean paste. Brett and Siang Xi ordered some noodles.

 Cute.... isn't it?


Their cutie pig red bean paste bun was too cute and I was a bit reluctant to munch off the cute pig head, too bad I had to do it anyway. Of course I did a wee bit of camwhoring with the bun before eating it.



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