Went for a minor surgical procedure yesterday to take out 2 of my wisdom tooth that’s either rotten or causing pain. The top left one can be extracted normally but the bottom left tooth can’t and need to do some surgery to remove it. I was very scared at first. After some encouragements from fellow friends and church members, I finally have the courage to go for it.

The procedure was smoother than I thought. The dentist and the assistants were good. The dentist also took the trouble to explain the process of the surgery and some post-operative instructions. I’d say it’s a good service.


Still, during the surgery I was very tense…. the dentist kept on telling me to relax hahaha. Finally, after 3 anesthetic, 1 surgery and 2 extractions, 2 of my left wisdom tooth it taken out. So I’m less wise now. I took the 2 tooth back home with me as souvenirs since they charged a whooping 600 bucks for this surgery. :-)


  1. TZ said...
    hahaha... poor dude... money and wisdom gone ... :p
    gray-dots said...
    Hahaha...... Not so wise heh?

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