Junk Jamming

Yesterday was one of the happiest jamming session that I haven't been experiencing for a long long long long time.

Junk has finally completed our lineup, with Sax player and keyboardist. However, keyboardist Andrew was unable to join our jamming because he need to attend a conference at KLCC.

Nevertheless, we had a Sax player now !!!.....
And 2 bassist playing together, wahahaha.......
Played quite a lot of stuff....

T-Square - Sunnyside Cruise
T-Square - Explorer
T-Square - Naughty Boy
T-Square - Omens Of Love
Chobits - They Come and Go
T-Square - Takarajima
T-Square - Japanese Soul Brothers
Fourplay - 101 Eastbound

Looking forward for next week's jamming session.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Happiest moment wor... Hekekekekee... Me wonder what's the REAL reason for that.. :P Anyway.. It was truly a heck of a session... Can't wait for the keyboardist to join in next weekend.. Cheers man... ~BRETT

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