It’s been a while since I last update this blog.

Things are pretty much getting routine till there is nothing about them to blog about.

Band wise, there are ups and downs. JUNK manage to get more gigs in these few months. We played our first Jazz gig in the Malaysian Youth Day and another one in Jazz Ampang. Most of them are free gigs. I don’t really encourage free gigs because as a musician, we want to be respected (or rather compensated) for the amount of resources we’ve put in, monetary in particular. I think I’ll blog about my opinions on free gigs in a separate post in the future.

Also, JUNK took part in a band competition and we managed to go into round 4 of 6. This is my first time taking part in a competition like this. It is a good experience. We somehow manage to get good comments from the judges.

The competition somehow drained us up and we don’t have much time enough to breathe and reflect on what we did. Due to our own personal commitments, work, so on and so forth, we don’t have really have enough opportunity to practice together also. So we have to really “belasah”.

To think from the other perspective, the competition did make some of the deep hidden issues within the band surfaced. So as we band, we’ll have to address these issues as a matured adult, rather than making a reckless decision and regret it later.

Enough said, look on the bright side, we manage to gain more exposure and experience. Compared to our gigs a year or two back, we’d feel anxious, nervous till the point of insomnia before gig. Now, we’re somehow feeling more relaxed and less nervous compared to earlier gigs.

Wish us all the best ……

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