Introducing another new addition to the family, the Roland VG99.

Damn interesting piece of gear this is.


This is kinda very very late post on a new (relatively speaking) toy that I’ve acquired recently. If you ever noticed in some of my previous performance postings, I’ve used a guitar which was not my usual Ibanez or Fender. That’s the new toy I’ve got.

Introducing a new addition to the family, the Don Grosh Retro Classic Custom Guitar.

DSC01128 DSC01129

DSC01139 DSC01130 DSC01140

This toy is beast. I lend this guitar to my guitar sifu, Jose Thomas to use for this gig 2 weeks back at No Black Tie. He liked this guitar too.

I also would like to say Bye to my Fender and Musicman. They have served me well. Hope they will do the same to their new owners.


Fun Stuff

Attempted T-Square’s Megalith (Bridge Part).

We practiced this part for around 1 hour. HAhaha.. It was fun afterall.




Officially 28 today…



I was thrilled to be invited as a session guitarist to perform alongside with Mr Syed Sobrie Al Yahya and his wife, Azie. He is a singer-actor that used to be very popular in the early 90s. We were performing for a government dinner event at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The Prime Minister and ex Prime Minister were part of the guests.

I’m kinda nervous because seldom play in an official big gig such as this. But luckily the band members were fun to be with. The sound crew were very very helpful. Each one treated each other with mutual respect. Overall we did well and the guests were happy. And we are happy too …

Apart from that, we also had our best band lounge so far. Eizaz and I got a complimentary room at JW Marriott Putrajaya to rest and get prepared for the gig. The bed was so comfy …

IMG_0629 IMG_0628



Woohoo… Got my first today.

Let’s see how many I can collect this year .. Collected 7 last year


JUNK was invited to play at this nice cozy little place called “Hot Pot Cafe” at Damansara Damai.


Owned by musicians, the place is nicely decorated with musical instruments, pictures of musicians, Music Certificates and others. Stage setup was minimalist yet decent. Worth checking out if you are nearby. The owner welcomes bands to perform at the place.

Don’t know how to elaborate more but do visit Jocelyn’s blog here for a review of the gig. The pinnacle of the performance was when Dino climbed up to get his old Trombone and jammed with us and Dr Farah did an impromptu improvisation of Blues vocal with us… (Dino and Dr Farah owns the cafe)

Enough said, the pics …

 154574_10150104001750049_503240048_7648657_7822678_n 154607_10150104001060049_503240048_7648652_7899218_n 155040_10150104001290049_503240048_7648653_6266581_n 155305_10150104001580049_503240048_7648656_3785157_n


I’ll be playing in some small gigs this month. Come support us lar…

Oct 13 (Wed)
JUNK - 第六届马大校园华语歌曲创作比赛

Oct 31 (Sun)
HYBRID - Animangaki 2010


 IMG_0986 IMG_0988 IMG_0989 IMG_0994 IMG_0997 IMG_1001

Pics from Eizaz’s camera.
Like just finished shower… LOL


Just finished my virgin run. A 7km run organized by McD in conjunction with the Olympics Run. Pain like hell… but worth it la…..

Running with me are Eizaz and Eizhan, along with other thousand over runners. Manage to finish within 35 minutes. Not bad for a first timer and surely can do better next time…

What’s next? 10km run???? Well… we’ll see about that …

Enough said, here are some camwhoring before the race starts …

 IMG_0575  IMG_0577 IMG_0578 IMG_0579 IMG_0580


Another camwhore session after we finish…

IMG_0581 IMG_0582


Will wait for pics from Eizaz’s camera …









On the first day of Hari Raya, a group of us went to this waterfall nearby Kuala Kubu Bahru. It is sort of a last minute plan between few of us a day or two before Friday.

Can’t really recall my last visit to any waterfall within the last 10 years.

It took us around one hour to reach the trail head. Partly due to we lost our way looking for the place.

To reach the waterfall, we trekked, crossed the stream 6 times and finally arrived at the waterfall after an hour later.

True to its’ name, IT IS CHILLING! I believe the water is less than 10’C.

It is really nice listening to the sound of water falling, stream flowing. So calm and peaceful. The fishes swam around us. The view of the waterfall is so awesome.

Totally a recommended place to get close with nature !!!

IMG_0546     IMG_0544 

I’m still waiting for other pics from my friend’s camera. Will post it once I got a hand on them.



Saw this in the gym.. Funny …


Went hiking with my friend and an expat on Saturday at Bukit Gasing, PJ.

It has been a long long time since I went “hiking” back at my hometown. It was fun hiking with friends and met a new friend from Romania. Should do this more often.

The presence of lots middle-aged people, bringing their dogs + kids, family members really encourages me a lot. Bumped into a 69 years old uncle (friend of my friend) who climbed to the highest peak of Bukit Gasing. *Salute*

We’re definitely gonna plan a few more trips like these. Do let me know if anyone of you are interested of joining.

A view from one of the peak. Reminds me of what Jose told me....

Also, Eizaz enticed me to join a 7km run … Should I go or should I not? 


Just to commemorate a special date 3 years back …


Hi guys, my Ernie Ball Music Silhouette for sale.

This guitar is in good condition.
For specs, you can visit here.

Looking to let go at RM5500 (price negotiable)

All parts are original. Hard case is included as well
This is an urgent sale.

Reason for selling? - In need of cash and I seldom use this baby nowadays.

IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466

Drop me a message if you need any info or interested …



Taken on Monday …
Looked bigger now…


Wanna share a jamming video of my band, JUNK.

We played “Explorer” by T-Square. Hope you’ll like it……



Malaysia boleh ……


Went to this gorgeous place on Saturday evening at Sheraton Imperial, KL by Azura’s (FF Gym friends)invitation.  Ahhhhh……

Had a great time, great food, great wine, great company of friends, great chat, great ambience. I got to know a few more new friends and had a good chat ranging from wine, to Europe, and then from man vs woman to porn .. LOL


Fresh bread with Balsamic Vinegar


Fine dining is never complete without some Reds

The appetizers … Mushroom Soup, Calamari and assorted veges


One of the mains … Australian Beef …

Can’t take more pictures because my iPhone battery was flat.

Thank you Azura for the kind invitation and arrangement.

Apart from that, another personal highlight of the day …


Finally, “some” definition at the abs … This pic was taken before the dinner. I was shocked when I saw this and couldn’t believe my eye. Damn happy for the result. Gonna push more for this …

A special thanks my favorite BodyPump instructor Swee and my “PT” Hector for the gym trainings.

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