Introducing another new addition to the family, the Roland VG99.

Damn interesting piece of gear this is.


This is kinda very very late post on a new (relatively speaking) toy that I’ve acquired recently. If you ever noticed in some of my previous performance postings, I’ve used a guitar which was not my usual Ibanez or Fender. That’s the new toy I’ve got.

Introducing a new addition to the family, the Don Grosh Retro Classic Custom Guitar.

DSC01128 DSC01129

DSC01139 DSC01130 DSC01140

This toy is beast. I lend this guitar to my guitar sifu, Jose Thomas to use for this gig 2 weeks back at No Black Tie. He liked this guitar too.

I also would like to say Bye to my Fender and Musicman. They have served me well. Hope they will do the same to their new owners.


Fun Stuff

Attempted T-Square’s Megalith (Bridge Part).

We practiced this part for around 1 hour. HAhaha.. It was fun afterall.




Officially 28 today…



I was thrilled to be invited as a session guitarist to perform alongside with Mr Syed Sobrie Al Yahya and his wife, Azie. He is a singer-actor that used to be very popular in the early 90s. We were performing for a government dinner event at Putrajaya International Convention Centre. The Prime Minister and ex Prime Minister were part of the guests.

I’m kinda nervous because seldom play in an official big gig such as this. But luckily the band members were fun to be with. The sound crew were very very helpful. Each one treated each other with mutual respect. Overall we did well and the guests were happy. And we are happy too …

Apart from that, we also had our best band lounge so far. Eizaz and I got a complimentary room at JW Marriott Putrajaya to rest and get prepared for the gig. The bed was so comfy …

IMG_0629 IMG_0628

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