JUNK was invited to play at this nice cozy little place called “Hot Pot Cafe” at Damansara Damai.


Owned by musicians, the place is nicely decorated with musical instruments, pictures of musicians, Music Certificates and others. Stage setup was minimalist yet decent. Worth checking out if you are nearby. The owner welcomes bands to perform at the place.

Don’t know how to elaborate more but do visit Jocelyn’s blog here for a review of the gig. The pinnacle of the performance was when Dino climbed up to get his old Trombone and jammed with us and Dr Farah did an impromptu improvisation of Blues vocal with us… (Dino and Dr Farah owns the cafe)

Enough said, the pics …

 154574_10150104001750049_503240048_7648657_7822678_n 154607_10150104001060049_503240048_7648652_7899218_n 155040_10150104001290049_503240048_7648653_6266581_n 155305_10150104001580049_503240048_7648656_3785157_n


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