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For some unknown reason, it seems that my family likes to have our family outing at Genting. We were there during 2010 Countdown and then again we were there over the weekend.

Cable Car


Somehow, most of our trips there (if not, ALL) were fully sponsored by you know who. *snigger*

AND you know who also paid for our travelling expenses for our family trip to Thailand this coming April. *guffaw*

The last time I went to the Genting casino was around 5 years ago. I manage to win around RM2500 with a RM50 dollar chip on Roulette. Actually I don’t really fancy going to casino as I know myself that I don’t have that kind of luck and guts to place so much of money on the gambling table. AND I don’t like the “smokey” surrounding and the crowd.





New Nike Gym Bag :-)




I did play 2 games of Baccarat this time and manage to win RM150. So I spent the bounty on a treat for my brother and sister at Starbucks AND got myself a new Nike gym bag ------>






Camwhoring in cable car



Free stuff aside, these trips truly is a good time for me to spend some time with my family members since all of us live apart from each other. It’s a time that I truly cherish. Should have more trips like these heh? *wink*


  1. TZ said...
    Dude, you are so lucky... I also wanna to ask someone to get me some pocket money *wink*
    gray-dots said...
    Hahahaha..... jom.. let's go one day.

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