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Last Thursday, I went to Bangkok with a group of friends. This is a trip planned since a few months back when Airasia was having some promo price. Since I haven’t been back to Thailand for a few years already so I thought this is a good chance to go back for a visit. The only difference this time is I’m not going with any of my family members, so it’s quite an adventurous trip for me although I can basically go anywhere because I can speak Thai.

@ Airport

We basically went shopping, food and visit some popular tourist spots. Manage to eat some of the food that I missed dearly, particularly the bamboo glutinous rice. Apart from that, I bought myself quite some stuff, mainly food, a sling bag, clothes, underwear and some medicine too.

View from Hotel rooftop

I nearly wasted 50% of my 5 day trip to Bangkok because I was down with fever and cough. I lost appetite till the point of the food are tasteless to me. Luckily I still manage to get some medication from a pharmacy nearby the hotel.

Bangkok Train System - BTS

We commute mostly using BTS as the hotel is just right beside the BTS station. BTS station is something like our own LRT systems. It’s very fast and timely. People here queue up to enter the train, staffs are helpful.

At the Buffalo StationI’m looking forward to go back again……… Time to hunt for next cheap flight to Bangkok

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