Just got these from Eizaz last week. These videos were taken during Junk’s A Green Symphony gig back in June… Enjoy and don’t laugh….




Omens Of Love + Sunnyside Cruise





I can’t really recall why this thought came to my mind when I was looking at some property at Saffron with Eric. Don’t know how our conversation ended up at all these waxing business.

I was a bit skeptical at first and of course worried about the pain after watching the crazy fellas at “Jackass” did their waxing. After some discussion with Swee, I decided to give it a go. And so I went to the Curve yesterday and did a Boyzillian waxing at Strip. This place was recommended by Eric and Swee.


The whole process of waxing takes around 15 minutes. Plus the extra 15 mins for some post-waxing care treatment. It was painful but only for a split second when the therapist strip off the wax from your skin, so it’s still bearable. I was shy to strip naked for a FEMALE therapist. Didn’t get a reaction, so that saved me from lots of embarrassment. Haha. I did their “xxxx Strip” which means removal of all hairs from pubic area and the butt-crack area. The end result…. damn smooth i tell ya. Haha

The therapist was professional enough and we were talking non-stop while the session is going on. That kept my mind off from thinking all those painful stuff Haha. Found out she worked in their branch in Singapore before and did a lot of session with guys. I was surprised quite a lot of guys went for this stuff also.

If you’re adventurous, try waxing instead of trimming or shaving your pubic. It’s a cool experience. I will go back next time if I wanna do waxing again. Enjoy~~~~


My DVD just arrived …


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