Yay!!! New Studio

After 4 weeks of DIY renovation, finally we manage to complete our own jamming room.

Thanks to those who helped us out :
Akira, Brett, Choong How, Gary, Kenneth

And special thanks to EJun for helping us out with the transportation although he's not a share holder of the project. Thank you so much. I owe you a meal. And Terry for the advise on PA.

And also those who left halfway but has inspired us go on with the project ... Phuah & Raymond.

Personally, I learned lots of stuff from this small project. Will share it next time.

Come come come ... take a look at the pics...

Square panels ....



Choong How, I and the floating background ...

Brett on the throne

Marshall is the name .... and my name too

Studio Location :-

Click to Enlarge


  1. TZ said...
    Dude, well done :) Look so professional... all DIY * two thumbs up* :)
    gray-dots said...
    Haha.. Thanks

    Still here or Uganda?
    gray said...
    awesome, david, awesome.
    gray-dots said...
    Thanks.. Gary... Thanks.

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