Bye Bye 2008

Time flies ..... and finally we've come to the end of 2008.
Tonnes of things has happened around us, good and bad whether we like it or not. God has been faithful and we're still alive and still able to observe the end of 2008.

We do not know what will happen in 2009, only God knows and He is in control. I pray that 2009 will be an exciting year.

For me personally this is a year of ups and downs. There are moments that are exciting, some are saddening, some are fun, some are serious, some are stupid and etc. No matter what it is, it will be a part of the learning process as we mature.

Early this year, I've posted this post. Let's review it, shall we?

  • I want to love God more. FAILED
  • I want to get into a relationship. FAILED
  • I want to get 6 pack abs in 2008. FAILED
  • Hehehehe I want to play in more gigs.... SUCCESS
  • I want to get few guitars. SUCCESS
  • I want to buy a house FAILED
  • I want to buy a car FAILED
  • I want to improve my music skills... FAILED

As you can see, most of it failed. *sigh* Probably some of it are too far fetched, perhaps should adjust it a bit.

However, here are some of the highlights that I manage to accomplish in 2008 :-

  • Junk line-up completed
  • DIY a jamming studio.
  • Played in a few more gigs. (NTLP, Jrock Kingdom 4, Meet the Band, Groove In Motion, Mybloggercon, Intervarsity Song Writing Competition)
  • Recorded a few tracks in a proper studio as a vocalist and guitarist.
  • Appeared on TV.
  • Bought a Musicman Axis, Damange Control pedals.
  • Visited Redang
  • Visited a Fish Spa
  • Organised Jrock Kingdom IV.

Let's hope 2009 will be an exciting year.


  1. all3 said...
    Wish you a success year next year with less wish to fail...haha...set easier to achieve goal lah..then you will see more success..hehe...Happy & Blessed New Year!
    TZ said...
    Glad to meet you in person and workout in gym together ... Anyway, have a great year in ahead eh!... I want 6 packs too but also failed. Sigh!

    So work hard in year 2009 eh! :p
    [SK] said...
    only the failures in this year can bring you success in the new year.. look forward to your successful 2009!! :)
    christinasan said...
    6 packs abs?!?! XD I only saw one big tummy! XD

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