These few weeks has been busy organising the event. Some aspects of it are smooth sailing, while some not.

I'm deeply saddened by the fact that someone is being irresponsible to the task that has given to her. The other committee members has already done their job and manage to get things done and here comes SHE promising us sky and heaven and in the end didn't give anything but SHIT for us to cover.

I do not want to go deep down to the details and history, but just some of what has happenned. Initially, she said 4 sponsors will be sponsoring cash for our event. But up until now, not even a SINGLE one has been confirmed by her. Then she go on promising Sushi King, Jusco for food and beverages, and again NONE was confirmed. Then come the Media for Star, Malay Mail, NST and etc, and as expected NONE was confirmed. Then she requested a Black and White document from the venue sponsor blar blar blar this and that and we gave her the documents and yet NOTHING has been confirmed by her. She said she wants to look at the venue, and we requested with the management and we went to take a look. Then after a few weeks, she was saying we didn't get her a scaled floorplan. DUH. What you didn't draw it when we were there? So all our past meetings and visits are a waste of time, money and effort.

So in the end, Aaron, Jay, Ichiro and I have to settle some stuff on our own. Everyday we'll sms or call each other to update each other on the progresses. We manage to get Animax, Star, Photopintu, Behringer, ISOCKS and etc. What did she do? NOTHING. Did she called us to update and follow up? NO. We called her and can we get her? NO.

If I were to count what she's contributed, the only thing I can think of is she brought Aaron in. Aaron has been a big help to us. Thank you Aaron.

Well, it's already expected in any committee, there will be someone who will be troublemakers. We will work hard to get things done.

If you're not capable of doing anything, then don't say you can do this and do that. It's so fxxxing irresponsible.

Sorry for the long rant. If you want to know the details, find me lar hahaha. I will give you a grandfather story on it.


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Hi guys,

So long didn't update my blog due to my busy schedules.
Lots of stuff coming up in one shot...

The Jrock Kingdom IV event is coming soon. Tickets is expected to be out this Friday. The committee members are working hard towards the event. I'm busy calling, sms'ing them to check the updates and progresses..... Hopefully you guys will support this event. It's the first time we're doing in a large scale (targeting 2000 audiences). Help us to blog and spread the word about it..... and most importantly, buy the event pass and come attend the event. We really need your support. I dare not say this is going to be a spectacular event, but we'll do our best to give you the best experience we can give. It will be a stepping stone for more future events that we plan to have.

I'd like to thank those who helped out directly or indirectly, especially my committee members - Jay, Ichiro, Lime, Aaron who has been working hard for this event. And the sponsors - LKW, Animax, Star, Behringer, Traps, Staggs and etc for your kind deeds and support. Also the bands who are practising hard to entertain the audience, those who helped to spread the word, those who supported by buying tickets, those who supported our forums, those who supported us with much encouragements and etc. A big thank you to all of you.

Work wise, I need to install a new Unix server which has some issues but hopefully we'll be able to sort it out.

THat's all for now. Catcha later....




No matter what we do, there's always obstacles.
Some manage to overcome it, some chose to run away.
It all depends on how we look at the issue.
Whenever you face obstacles, always tell yourself that this is a golden opportunity to learn.
Of course, you'll need support from all over the place.

Still, there are people who will come to request this and that, thinking that they will get what they want. Too bad, these bunch of people are just being ignorant. I don't blame them.
Hopefully things well get sorted out.

God... help us...


TGI Fridays

上星期六,我和其他三位Jrock Kingdom的筹委们到RUUMS了解场地和开会。开完会时都差不多是晚餐时间了。于是便楼下的TGIF聚餐。


Jack Daniels Chicken

Double Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream topping and Caramel and Chocolate Sauce



Sundae .... 吃到Monday也吃不完。


Ice Cream with Cookies



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