Just finished the Jrock Kingdom 4 audition today.
Thank you for all the bands who came early and on time for the audition.
And thank you for your participation.

The result will be announced soon.

After the audition, JUNK jammed at the same place at 6:00pm.
4 of us where there - Brett, Andrew, Choong How and me.
It was a fun and happy session. I can see everyone is smilling while playing. Hopefully our saxophonist will join us for the next jamming.

Got a chance to play a Made in Japan Fender Strat. The tone was good and feel was great. Too bad the guitar is to be sold. Any buyers? Hehe......

Anyhow, looking forward for JUNK's next session.


Hi, so long didn't update my blog.
Just drop by to say that I'm still alive.

Nothing much happened lately.
Just that I'll be organising a gig and involved in a few bands.....

See ya around then....

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